My youngest daughter (Alexa) turned 13 a week ago. That's it. No more young kids in our home (teens now). In a way it makes me sad that that chapter is over

Over three years ago
The last time Alexa (my youngest daughter) and I fished together, I took her out for a BSP festival. I filmed her landing 18 perchies on my GoPro. That's the time she ended the session with a "I'm done daddy" The girls and the family have been busy the last few years and I haven't found time to take her out since. And, I wanted her to experience some other type of fishies (butts, bass) and fishin' (throwing lures) besides sandy crabbing and "gulping" it. But she wasn't all that good at casting

My wife and oldest went on a road trip last Friday and Saturday to Arizona to visit a couple of universities that my oldest daughter is considering. So it left Saturday morning open for me and Alexa to do sumpin'...
? Yup we decided to hit the surf and... throw lures at 'em!

I wanted to get her on some butts but up our way the tides weren't exciting for where I wanted to take Alexa (low and drained). I had a feeling when I saw that the birds n bait weren't showing. Yet we gave the spot a solid try. Still no hits, no nothing but... I was blown away

Gettin' 'er done
OMG (oh my good-nah), That girl can cast like a pro!!! Somehow she gets it (I guess it's us older doods that have problems picking up stuff ).

We left the butt spot and I took her to a known YFC hang out. We had 30 minutes to fish before we had to get home so I set her to it. I had her follow me up and then back down that beach. She got hits and hooked up a couple times but immediately lost them. Just bout when I was set to call it, she hooks up again and brings in a grumpy croaky lil' YFC. Alexa is digging it.

Sorry for "blotching" out part of the pics

Doodn' it again
She loved getting up, at 5AM, hitting MCdees, and walking the beach with her dear-old-dad. I loved it too especially now that I don't have to cast for her (I still have to unhook the fishies though ).I think I found me a new fishin' bud.

Yup, we're gunna 'dood' it again next Saturday !!!!!!!!!!