Went out yesterday. Weather was nice water was flat pretty much all day. Got there at 6 trolled miller and cleghorn, saw a few boils nothing big and they weren't up long enough to get to them. Trolled around the quarry to the east side of the lake nothing going. Went over by the inlet water was coming in still nothing.

Tried to drop some bait on a few spots I saw them hanging out they were nibbling but nothing hooked. There were herds of them rolling through but nothing big enough to stick on the hook. Finally got 1 on the troll on the way back to the docks. A dink, oh well better than a skunk. Chased it pretty hard but couldn't get them interested. Oh well better luck next time.

Water temp was 74. Still pretty warm. Traffic wasn't bad and I couldn't belive there was a spot at the dock when I came back to load the boat. Usually covered in jet skies.