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Thread: Fishing the wood, tying to help the site kick back up.

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    RocFish - Yes there is an advisory - They suggest do not eat Striper every day for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, etc.... I am exaggerating. You can find the actual advisory elsewhere on this website, the Webmasters work really hard and do a great job to keep it up to date. I believe the current advisory for Silverwood is to limit consumption to once a week, and avoid if pregnant or nursing due to PCBs, HOWEVER do not rely on my information it is not absolute there is more current/accurate information available; both on this website and from the State. - Brewcrafter

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    If you aren't a child or pregnant I would pretty much ignore the warning. Pretty much Brewcrafters advice is solid. The only thing I would debate is how much credibility to give this states advice.

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    They have a chart that says how much to consume by body weight and age. Not exactly sure why but they taste good to me😋

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    It's too bad Silverwood has that warning. I agree, definitely avoid for women of child bearing age and children. You'd think a nice big lake up in the mountains would be pretty clean, it's amazing what can flow downstream from NorCal :)

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    The pollution causing the bioaccumulation of toxins in predatory fish (mercury and PCB's) is falling out of the sky. It originates from China mostly where coal burning is rampant.

    There are advisories for consumption of fish at Silverwood....and most lakes in California due to the source being mostly atmospheric. The warnings are relative to the age/size of fish consumed. Larger/older fish are going to accumulate more of the toxins than smaller/younger fish. This has been verified with recent testing of stripers at another lake in SoCal. The lake was originally tested with larger/older fish (at that time), testing above the 0.2 threshold for mercury as set by State Water Control Boards. Fish were retested with smaller fish that overpopulate that lake. The new test showed the smaller/younger fish were below the threshold. I would expect the same to be true for every other lake.

    Hatchery trout are safest for consumption as the water source is groundwater and they are fed a pelleted diet without toxins for their entire life until they are released.

    The abundant, small/younger striped bass are safest to eat with larger fish progressively less safe as they increase in size/age. The warnings placed in the back of the freshwater regulations are a good guide on consumption.

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    Kwin - Thanks for the info. I suspect that many anglers are like myself - and particularly with the "Silverwood-Perris-DVL" relationship, and I usually get puzzled by why a location "upstream" has restrictions while one downstream doesn't. And I suspect there is also that non-scientific thinking from those of us that know several lakes that we tend to see Silverwood as "Alpine - pure" and a lake such as Perris as "Urban - Polluted". Your info about the atmospheric contaminations is dead on. I know that as an avid Saltwater guy, my friends and I have always held true to the "apex predator" philosophy; while a big barracuda is a lot of fun - let it go to fight another day.

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