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Thread: Just a bit further than shore casting

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    Default Just a bit further than shore casting

    Instead of GoPro for aquatic adventures it was the new grill for birthday, but pictures of grilled fish will have to wait - all released today. Mostly as planned.

    Took my old surfboard before lunch while fog still lingered and the swell was gentle with infrequent sets. Perfect air /water temps and grass everywhere. That is the worst part of shore fishing in summer: full time lure cleaning job, but on board with plastics - who cares - just drop it down. Usually, I pedal to kelp forest where calicos hang out, but today I stopped just past breakers. While taking a breather after paddling out I toss out pink plastic tube ( I'm not using squid strips with it this year and it doesn't seem to matter) and got a chaser and a nice bendo. Visibility is about 10 ft and I'm at 10-15 ft depth but can't wait to see what it is. Taking some drag but I got it to color fast: 22" WSB, not bad for a first cast.

    So I'm hoping for more and a couple casts later got bites/misses again but finally it hangs on - a 24" Halibut. I learned one more benefit of surfboard fishing today: halibut love laying on it. With water around, it was so peaceful that after unhooking it didn't want to leave - I literally had to push him off the board and he lazily swam back down. The pattern continued as I drifted slowly along shore hitting grassy rocks and sand-patches around: hali-WSB-hali-WSB. Who needs kelp and calicos anymore! Occasional short calicos would show up though and bite the tail off the jig and before too long all 4 soft tubes were ruined one way or the other.

    At total for the drift: 3 halibut (16, 18 and 24), 3 WSB (22, 17 and 26) and 3-4 calicos around 12".

    The side story, of course was a big Hali that took tight drag for a while and self-released shaking the hook off after I had a glance at him in shallow water , my guess around 30" but he didn't want to come aboard for measurements.
    Not much sea-life near shore: a seal followed me for a bit making loud splashes and a big leopard shark cruised under me once. Few small perch would follow and occasional smelt would nibble w/o hooking up. Nice views of bottom structure with polarized vision, certainly a plus with shallow drifts.

    Have fun out there.

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    Very nice session.
    That's why the kayak guys have so much success.
    Have a good one,

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    That was one cool morning for sure,would have loved to see a pic of that Hali laying on the board!

    Cya Tuna Vic

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    Great report, thanks!

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    Great report, you had me seeing fish

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