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Thread: Bearing grease everywhere!

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    Default Bearing grease everywhere!

    About 6 months ago I purchased a used boat with trailer. The trailer is a 2005 Trailstar trailer, single axle with surge brakes. I had to replace the master cylinder (Tie Down) due to the fact that seals were deteriorated. I also decided to change the brake calipers, disk brake pads, and repacked the bearings. After the install I bleed the brakes, all is good for several trips….

    On my way back from fishing I notice my trailer is ‘pulling’ a little more but thought it was my imagination. I pulled into my driveway and both sides of my rims are covered with grease. The rims were very hot to touch. I pulled off the bearing buddy’s, tires, and bearings to inspect the damage. The grease was liquefied. I notice that the inner pads on BOTH sides of the trailer were considerably larger than the outside pad. It is obvious that the outer pads have been rubbing against the disks and were wore down about 50%.

    I am kinda stumped on why the outer disk pads are rubbing against the disks. Any suggestions are appreciated, Tight lines!

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    Sounds like you have a stuck caliper or you over tightened the wheel bearing. Does the wheel spin free?

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    Could several things (1) tongue hight to hitch (2) too high too low brakes , will activate and not release (3) bikes them selfs could be worn out and dragging (4) surge barks nastier cly could be not going back to static neutral . (5) boat trailer brakes suck in general. They get dunked in water , some thing anti to what they built for . Galvanized doesn't mean a darn thing after going in the water salt even worse.

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    Check the master cylinder rod adjustment. The tie down model might be different than the original.

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