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Thread: A long overdue trip back to the salt... Saturday 8/5 on the Kolo.

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    Red face A long overdue trip back to the salt... Saturday 8/5 on the Kolo.

    Wow, has it really been a year since my last report?
    Been busy traveling and trying to "stay" retired... You would think that I would more time to fish, but that's just not the case.
    In town for a couple of weeks and decided to hit up Jeff (Webmaster) to head out on the Kolomona to see what's biting out there...
    Binh (BadBeat) and his brother in law Tony joined us for the day.
    We launched at 2:00am from the Shelter Island launch ramp in San Diego. Tried to make bait for a minute, but it was a waste of time. Bought a scoop of Sardines and off we went about 40 miles South into Mexican waters.

    Beautiful conditions and we trolled around looking for kelp paddies. They were pretty hard to come by, but every paddy that we came across were holding fish.
    The Yellows were everywhere, nothing big, but kept us busy with constant action. No luck with any Tuna but a couple of Dorado did come to play.

    Thank you Jeff for a great day out on the water and for your hospitality, always a pleasure fishing with you my friend.

    "Happiness is something that comes into our lives through doors that we don't remember leaving open..."

    Here are some photos, Jeff will add a video.

    Binh (BadBeat)


    Webmaster Jeff.

    Looking for kelp paddies.

    Even a small paddy held fish.

    Many double hook ups.

    We caught a mess of these... nothing big, but fun nonetheless.

    Flying the Dorado flag.

    Good times...

    I destroyed our customary bowl of Pho after every fishing outing.

    Yellowtail lunch the day after... Delicious!

    Parting Shots:
    I got my Mom a new Pug puppy... meet the new generation of Wingnut Pug.

    "There are two great days in a person's life. The day we are born and the day we discover why..."

    More to share... Been quite awhile so I'll share with you some of the things that's been going on in my not so busy retired life. LOL

    About three months ago, a dear friend of ours passed away in a mountain biking accident.
    You guys may remember some of Sokha's (Troublehook) fishing reports and maybe even fished with him...
    Rest in Peace Brother Sokha, we will miss you.
    Sokha (First from left)

    Enjoy fishing in the Big Pond in the sky bro... say hello to Dana (Fisherman 57) for me.

    We rode in a 25 mile charity mountain bike race in Sokha's honor about a month ago.

    On a happier note: Congratulations to Binh (BadBeat) on his new Baby Girl "Hope".

    Binh and his wife's baby shower... quite a set up.

    Went to see my Buddy JoKoy perform. He will be on the Tonight Show on August 11th.

    Celebrated my birthday in March. I'm officially over the hill. LOL

    One of my favorite dish at Chaya.

    So many friends... so little time.

    Christmas at Mom's house.

    Santa's sled full of toys...

    You buy Superbowl tickets and they send you one of these... LOL
    I lost a nice chunk of change betting on Atlanta.
    Ending my win betting streak of six straight Super Bowls.

    Been mountain biking on a regular basis... trying to keep in shape in my old age, lol.

    Trying to hang on to my ideal weight.

    We went to Big Bear for a downhill mountain biking excursion... what a blast!

    Binh (BadBeat) working on one of my bikes. I tear them up like there's no tomorrow. LOL

    Romeo is still a little Rascal.

    Romeo with the new Wingnut Pug.

    Had a big family reunion at Lake Arrowhead in June.

    Enjoyed spending quality time with Mom and the family in Lake Arrowhead.

    Took Mom to the Poppy fields this last Spring. She loved it.

    Had a massive Crawfish Boil for Binh's birthday last month.

    What a feast!

    My buddy owns this Lee's Sandwich shop in the Valley on Sherman Way. Stop in if you find yourself in the area.

    I was told that I'm forbidden to wear a Trump shirt on the Kolo ever again.
    I miss Hookedfisherman... too bad he got banned. LOL
    Don't get so worked up in the General Section people. Everybody are entitled to their own opinions.
    That's what makes this country great... MAGA baby!

    Webmaster Jeff and I at Sokha's wedding last October.

    Jonathan (ToadsToadsOnly) and his Lamborghini.

    But it still can't outrun the GTS bro.

    Paid Dana (Fisherman 57) and his parents a visit on the anniversary of his passing last month.
    Time hasn't taken him from my memory...

    Take care everybody... may your life be filled with Peace, Love and Happiness...

    Arthur (Wingnut)

    "Nothing is forever, forever is a lie. All we have is what's between Hello and Goodbye."

    Arthur (Wingnut)

    "All know the Way, but few actually walk it..."

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    Fun times! Thank you Tony for all of your help finding the paddies. Good fishing continues offshore. Still scoreless on the tuna this year though. Soon....

    RIP Dana. FNN misses you.

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    WOW....What an emotional ride this report is!

    Great to see the boyz back on the salt with some fish hitting the deck as well. Im still kind of numb about what happened to heartbreaking. I had the pleasure of getting to know him on a few fishing sessions and at the HG events. The thought that he is now with Dana does give me a small amount of peace though.
    All of the other pics are pretty much overwhelming but that has always been your style Arthur.....2nd to none my friend. For what its worth ....I miss ya buddy....A LOT.
    Looks like mom is doing well my friend and that pup is so adorable...... Im sure that your dad is hanging with Dana and Sokha and they are all very proud of you and your commitment to your family.

    Take care and god bless you my friend,


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    Awesome post. I appreciate the time you put into it. Great pics!

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    Glad to hear you got back on the water brotha! Can't remember the last time I got to read one these posts. It was very, very sad to hear of Sokha's passing. I'm glad that I got a chance to fish with him a little and he will be looking down on you on all your future outings I'm sure.

    Hope that the fishing only picks up from here and that we get another chance to put a hurt on em together!


    PS - Lee's sandwiches are the BOMB!!!!!!!

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    Thank you Arthur and Jeff for inviting Tony and I out last Saturday. We had a blast, but I feel bad because we were a little rusty from not fishing for so long.
    It was a great day on the water and we appreciate your first class treatment aboard the Kolomona. That's the first time I've seen a Dorado live and they sure are a beautiful fish.
    Hope we get a chance to get back out there soon. I laughed so hard when Arthur forwarded me the pic that you sent him of the left over Yellows in the kill bag. You're fired!!! Hahaha


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    Brother Arturo,
    I am still shocked about Sokha's unfortunate passing.
    But with the few talks we had I know he was a man true to his faith, family and friends.

    It's good to read a report from you and of course see all of your pictures.
    I'm glad you are enjoying your retirement. Make the most of it Bro!!

    I look forward to hitting either the surf or rail with you this year.
    Have you thought about a surf fishing escapade down to Mexico?!
    Why Not!!

    Take Care & God Bless.


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    Dear Arthur:

    I was on my way to OC today to attend a friend of mine's memorial service as he passed away suddenly. It made me think of you as Mike had told me about Sokha's sudden passing a few months ago - I'm sorry for your loss.

    I just read your report. You always write and illustrate with pics such engaging interesting reports. It looks like you are so busy with the things in life that really count for something which are your raltionships with family and friends. I always admire that about you Arthur. No although I do enjoy reading about and seeing fishing action yet the thing that is so near and dear to my heart is mountain biking!!!! A big 'un on the end of your line is a great feeling for sure but conquering the trail, a hill and the down hill thrill is sure is awesome. Glad your out there doing that too.

    Well, it's been a long time since we talked or seen each other. I hope that I get the blessing of connecting with you again some time sooner rather than later.

    Take care my friend,


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    Excellent job gentlemen, looks like a great time out there. Fishing with Jeff is second to none, he's the best.
    I'm so sad when you told me about Sokha, you never know what life has in store for us, enjoy everyday blessed day.
    Binh, congrats on the newborn, she is gorgeous. Enjoyed talking to you last week brother.
    Arthur, our moms are going on a cruise together next month, give me a call bro, let's go get some Pho.
    Seems you are twice as busy nowadays than you were when you were working full time, go figure lol.


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