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Thread: how do you get smooth cast and hooksets with light finesse lures

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    Default how do you get smooth cast and hooksets with light finesse lures

    I am very new to bass fishing and I wanted to get away from using spinning tackle, I don't know if it effects the finesse presentation even with a fluro leader however the main problems are not being able to flip my braided line very far even with low settings. The problem might be the memory in side my braid will I need to fix however, the other problem is getting good hook sets, my baitcasting rod is a 7ft abu garica black max medium heavy.I usually would use search baits however I wanted to use the rod with some weightless texas/wacky rigged senkos and shaky heads

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    Yah, the lighter the tackle the less you can swing for the fences when driving home the hook. So a great quality hook like Trokar helps along with a bit lighter wire size. The setup you describe using light braid and a Med-Heavy rod should allow a healthy enough hook set though. Maybe technique? Try a more sweeping hook set and keep constant pressure on 'em.

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    thanks for the info, I was thinking about using mono to get greater results however, I should had said that I used 20 lb braid which is more on the medium side. Whenever I use braid for senkos they tend to not sink properly

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