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Thread: No Fishing Near Docks + Report

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    I went to Clear Lake for the first time in April, caught a large Crappie on my first cast (from shore at the state park), on a Trout Magnet, and continued catching from there. I agree that it is a remarkable fishery. I have yet to fish Shasta, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natural Lefty View Post
    I agree about those reasons, ETucker. I am one of those who doesn't report as much as before. I could report about the big, multistate trip that my wife and I just took, but there are more compelling things for me to do. I also was a victim of haters at times, but mostly it was the political atmosphere that caused me and several others to go to Facebook (where among other things, we often consult each other about fishing). Irvine Lake is another one that we have lost. I didn't know about LNL. I thought it was still open, but maybe they stopped stocking it.

    I think that the mediocre fishing in California from the drought and whatever is happening in the ocean these past few years is not to be underestimated in causing the number of fishing reports to decline. Perhaps the number of reports will go back up now that the drought is officially over. Perris Lake for instance is scheduled to be refilled next year, which should help the fishing there.

    Muskyman, one of our stops on the trip was on the Tennessee River backwaters. My wife and I caught quite a few small fish there, but it was fun. She caught a Freshwater Drum and 2 small White Bass, which we had never caught before. I missed out on those but was happy for her just the same. This was at Ditto Landing near Huntsville.
    I know I've got more free time to fish and write up fish reports then the average person. It also really helps that I have a fishing partner (Glenn) who is retired and willing to go fishing anywhere, so I'm on this board all the time. Since the election and the Haters basically starved to death. (for lack of prey) There is now a vacuum on this board. I'm trying to help fill the vacuum with as many fish reports as I can possibly write. I encourage anyone with a good fish story to write it up. You mention your trip up to Clear lake. (that's on my bucket list) It not only has great Crappie fishing but arguably some of the best Catfishing this state has to offer. These are the kind of trips, that I and many other members would love to read about.
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    I can give you some photos. Crappie on first cast of the year, on an orange Trout Magnet, Clear Lake State Park in April
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    More to come later. I have to go for now. ;)

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    I too am guilty of just checking the reports.. pretty much just my two fishing spots- Perris and my local park, Fairmount. If I go out, i'll also leave some kind of report, but due to health reasons, I don't fish as often as I used to. Every morning, I'll check the reports just to see if anyone is doing any good at my spots. In the past, there have been many fishermen that have left this site because of some bitter disagreements and crazy-nutty people getting in their faces. It's happened to me, and I did stay away for quite some time. But I'm back and 'gotta say it's great to see some familiar names back on FNN. Now I need to figure out how to post pics again, since Photobucket decided to start charging a huge fee..

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    Fishmounter, I have always clicked on Go Advanced, and added photos as attachments. They don't show up as big photos in the report or comment, but it is easy and it works.

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    Speaking of which: 17 inch holdover trout for Lake Gregory on May 4, caught on a redworm. Sorry about Zunliang being sideways. I am not sure how to fix that.
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    Nine pound, 12 ounce Carp from Aha Quin on the Colorado River, caught in late April while fishing for panfish. We gave it to some of Zunliang's friends who like Carp.

    Plus, one of the large Redear Sunfish caught at Aha Quin in late May.
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    NL - Nice Trout! I know it was good eating too! Yeah, those Redears get really big in the Colorado River, especially in the Lake Havasu area. Well we've changed the topic enough, it's suppose to be "Lake Perris Reports", so we better get off of here..

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    Those signs at the marina have been on both sides for quite a while. When I was the a year ago the water level was so low the fishing there really sucked.Place is a total sewer now.

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