last post I got a lot of info from anglers which was awesome, I went to perris lake and got stunked but I went to the bass pro shop (the one in ontario, CA I believe) and got myself some shallow water lures including a white chatter bait and the next day went to Ralph Clark park in the evening and missed a good bite :( in fact I went to talk to some other people that were using top water lures and finesse and they said they got no bites. Thank you people that suggested me the lures I should use although I didnt get luck on them. anyway I was thinking about going to Puddingstone to see if the bass are easier to catch than at my local ponds for practice.I saw the last post and it got me worried but if you have any information please share it, not only that it helps me it help other people that look at this post :D anyway see yea (cuz idk how to end this post)