Hit Puddingstone yesterday (7/13) to fish for LMB. Water temp was 86+ deg F. Lots of grass. Lots of baitfish but nothing working them. Marked lots of fish (fat marks!) but didn't get a single hit. Got annoyed at the lack of action and being a multi specials guy I was determined to see what the marks were. Set up a Gulp! 1" Minnow on a dropshot rig and got hit the second it touched bottom. Those marks ended up being nice bluegill and red ear. Visited all the spots I marked them and probably caught 2 dozen +. All nice sized like the ones shown below. They were all on the bottom on offshore structure, about 10' deep water, rocky bottom right next to a dropoff to deeper water. Went back to bass fishing and didn't get hit for the rest of the day. Some people have been asking about bluegill out there so I though I would share.