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Thread: Thoughts-Caddis Sports Premier

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    Default Thoughts-Caddis Sports Premier

    I am looking to get my first float tube. I will only be using it a few times a year in the Eastern Sierras trout fishing.

    I am looking at the Caddis Sports Premier. I am a bigger guy (300#) and the rating on this tube is 325#.

    Any feedback or opinions on this model, or something else I should be looking at?

    Also, looking for recommendations on a good quality wader.



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    Caddis Sports Premier float Tube I have Heard a bit of complaints on the placement of the boston valve in the pockets and the valves actually blowing and it becoming hard to get things replaced or fixed via there customer service. I have a friend who used this tube and he experienced a different issue up in the mountains on a trip and it was due too the seam failing and blowing out on him , I know it totally ruined his trip as others where offshore on there tubes and he was stuck on the shoreline catching less fish . I will try and get him to respond here more with his experiences .

    Most big guys I know if your not looking to break the bank go with a Classic Accessories Cumberland Fishing Float Tube and love it , great customer service , very large pockets where you could put a couple 3700 size plano in them if you wanted , holds up to weight great and will not break the bank on cost . valves are located on the rear of the tube and you also get d-rings for backpack strapping if you need to walk a small distance with it . this would be my go too for what you are planning to use it for and reliability .

    I use a outcast super fat cat myself and love the tube , very wide , huge pockets for storage and it is an all around tank of a float tube , but I use mine weekly and very heavily .. still I would go with the Cumberland I mentioned above as that will fit your needs the best ... As far as waders go I only have experience with Hodgeman breathable waders and if I need to layer a bit underneath for the cold it is no problem as long as you get a size bigger .. others will chime in with what they like for the Sierra's As I have not fished there a ton ...

    Wish you well on whatever you decided to go with and welcome to the float tube addiction ! be safe on the water and remember to always have a PFD handy !

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    I will second what Misfitdog says. I'm a big guy and I have a Super Fat Cat. I call it the Humvee of float tubes, but I'm in the saltwater and bumping into nasty things all the time and I'm out every weekend. The Cumberland will be fine for you and their customer service is excellent from what I've heard.

    Whatever waders you go with, I would recommend you measure yourself accurately and then compare with the size charts on the company website. Don't guess. Waders are designed for wading, which means standing up and you're going to be sitting, and we all expand a little when we sit down, so give yourself some room. I wear Caddis Breathable Stockingfoot in a "Stout" size.

    Have fun and good luck!

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    I have used a Creek Company ODC 420 tube for many years. It is a very good tube for my fatness. As far as split seems, be sure not to over inflate, use a hand pump not a compressor; and large tackle pockets are necessary. However, I always over fill on tackle anyway. Creek had better customer service a few years ago. I developed a hole in one of the bladders, called to buy one, and they said no charge sent a new one. Later that same bladder gave out and I was able to buy a new one, but free was no longer an option.
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    Thanks for the replies. I was looking at the Classic Accessories Cumberland, but heard some negative comments about the air bladders being thin, and having weak seams. I am trying not to break the bank, as I will only use it a few times a year, HOWEVER, I do not want a tube that is going to fail and leave me sinking in a lake :-)

    I was also looking at an Outcast Fish Cat 5, but it is almost twice as much as the Classic Accessories Cumberland.

    Decisions, decisions......

    Keep the feedback coming!


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    The Outcast Fish Cat 5 is a Tank , I have checked it out and it is way wider then the fish cat 4 deluxe and big pockets .. if your worrying about sinking that will take the worry out of it right there and its rated for a larger weight .. only reason I never brought up that tube was price and you saying that you will only go out a few times a year .. Was trying to stay in the lower budget but stick to a quality tube :)

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