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Thread: Patching a bladder

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    By BPS

    Default Patching a bladder

    I haven't been on my float tube in 7 years and it's been stored in the garage for that time. After my last trip to Perris, I realized the advantages of having a tube. After I got home, I inflated my tube to see if it was still good. Within minutes, I remembered why it's been 7 years since I've been on my tube... There's a small pinhole in the bladder. My question is: what do you guys use to patch up the bladder? I was about to buy this stuff called Aquaseal at Sport Chalet, but decided I'd ask the experts here first. Is this stuff any good? Thanks in advance.

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    ur guess is as good as mine

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    Socal Bassman The best deal is to go the the makers/manufacturer web site and order the patch kit they sell...

    Some turners, Sports Chalet and other outlets have them for specific brands also...

    Have to be careful what glue you use. Some glues will just melt the PVC bladders... The composition changes slightly from Tube to Tube..

    Same holds true with Waders and neoprene.. Be careful..

    Better safe then sorry... :D


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