Not Exactly A NEW Member but a member who figured I would come back and read and maybe contribute where I could. A little about me Iím a Native Born Caliboy who got transplanted to Arkansas but I do miss the SoCal Beaches and Lakes and this place gives me time to remember home. Anyway after 30+ years in construction and it taking its toll on my body my wife one day said enough is enough and follow your love and passion. So I did and became a Fishing guide.

3 years in to it now it was the best choice I ever made next to marrying her, I get to target Stripers at will and on my days off a good friend offered me a job working for him in his tackle shop, so best of all worlds. First year and a half was a struggle but all things worth earning are worth it and now I Guide when I want (not because I have to) and work the store the same way both provide perfectly for us.

Sometimes a wild *** dream does come true. Anyway I cannot wait to start reading about home again and pitch in where I can. Maybe torment of few with some pictures from The Natural State.