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Thread: White Sea Bass Fest 2 Day AM Report 6/17-6/18

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    Default White Sea Bass Fest 2 Day AM Report 6/17-6/18

    6/17 Saturday AM

    Head out in the AM, 3 hours before Low and tied on the Lucky Craft 115MR Surf Pointer. Found a nice school of Yellow Fin Croaker. One of them had a fat belly! These fish are fun to catch on the hard bait. Caught about 4 YFC.


    Decided to move to try a new spot and a new lure. The Lucky Craft Staysee 90 Version2. American Shad.

    What an epic morning it was. I was getting blown up on every cast. Easily caught over 10 WSB. My arms were soar! These fish put such a great fight.

    My biggest was 24,5 inches.

    I found a big school of them for sure. They were chasing bait fish all over the place.

    mixed variety of sizes of between 20 to 24 inches.

    Really like the colors on these fish!

    Didn't get pictures of all them because these fish are hard to revive after a lengthy fight.

    Amazing session for sure.

    6//18 Sunday AM

    Headed out this morning to try and find the school again. Surge was a lot stronger today and there was stingrays all over the place! Stepped on a couple, but I lucked out though. Was fishing the Lucky Craft Pointer 100 American Shad.

    Ended the session with 5 White Sea Bass today. Couldn't find that legal. But so much fun battling these fish.

    When my hooks finally bent out on the Lucky Crafts,I even got a couple WSB on the Hook up Baits.

    Its a weekend of fishing that was just so much fun. Thanks for reading and be safe out there. Until Next tide!

    Joel 8)

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    Long Beach, CA


    Wow, epic session for sure! Great report, thanks for posting!

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    Wow, great session. I've yet to hook a ghost. That's one on the bucket list.

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    Good Lord Joel!
    You have definitely been Blessed this year in the surf.
    Keep em coming.


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    Wow,talk about a "honey hole" loaded with biscuits! Nice

    Cya Tuna Vic

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    Great job on the surf ghosts. That's not a thing everybody gets to do.
    At the risk of being flamed on here I have a suggestion regarding this quote and the photos.
    "Didn't get pictures of all them because these fish are hard to revive after a lengthy fight."
    If you drag them onto the beach and get sand all over them, it greatly reduces the chances of a easy revival and release.

    Not trying to bash, just a reminder that it can damage the fish in the sand.

    Still an incredible two days of fishing for sure. I wish I could get into a spot like that!

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