whats up guys just thought id share the big bait collection.. while still small its growing weekly! now that im outta the float tube i gotta fill this boat up and i got plenty of storage now..

just picked up this custom gizzard shad glider from AVKcustomswimbaits, dude makes some awesome baits.. all kinds.. shads, trouts perch,frogs, gills.

also picked up the one and only DEPS250 (Y) in butch brown bluegill pattern.. also for those interested...turners outdoors sells these deps250s as well as the bluegill glides from deps and they are the cheapest ive seen around.. 130 for the deps compared to other shops that are 150-170

cant forget the triple trouts either... newest additions in green shad and perris trout

and the whole lot together.. minus a few i still gotta take out.. OG punkers, almost the whole line up of mike bucca bullshads and gill, oldschool rago, bbz, tripletrouts, ninja glider, hudds, trout glider, OG shell cracker

more coming! been busy stocking up on crank baits, jigs, spinners, totes full of robos and creature baits/ trailers.. this season is gonna be awesome with this boat!