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Thread: This Week's Fake News

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natural Lefty View Post
    I don't miss Dockrat, Trout Only or the rest of the bunch, and I definitely won't miss Mango Mussolini when he is gone. There are people who actually like their president to act that way? Amazing.
    I miss DockRat, Hawggy and Deve in the worst way!

    I would say to DockRat, how many times did you put Obama's picture up with all that money floating around. (In reference to him deficit spending to keep us out of depression) Now with the economy booming, how can you explain why we now have an trillion dollar a year deficit. (he voted for Trump because Democrats spent to much) How stupid do you feel now?

    I would say to Deve with Trump being a traitor to our country. (he worked on Trumps campaign) Who is the Dumb *** now?

    With Hawggy where do you start?

    He said he was a Fiscal Conservative. How's that working out now under Trump with Full employment and a trillion dollar budget deficit every year now. Obama's was half of that in his last year in office. Maybe he should have voted for Hillary? She at least would have a better budget!

    He said he was a Free trader. How's that working out with Trump and his Tariffs?

    He said he believed in the Constitution. Now that Trump and most of the Republicans are attempting to circumventing the Congress when it comes to appropriating money. (his imaginary National emergency) I would ask him, if he supported rewriting the Constitution to allow the executive branch the power to move money around any way they saw fit? If he didn't, how could he vote Republican ever again?

    If they would have stuck around and tried to defend this Congress and this President. They would have come off as the biggest kool aid drinkers of all time!

    I miss the opportunity to have told them they were full of horse manure for their political beliefs!
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    Yes, I know that these people give us lots of material that is worthy of critique, but for those of us who find the kool aid unappealing, it doesn't take an expert to know who has been drinking it, and for those who are susceptible to kool aid addiction, it's better that they stay away from it. ;)

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