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Thread: Legg Lake Report 5-7-2017

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    Default Legg Lake Report 5-7-2017

    Fished Legg Lake yesterday for yet another skunk. It really wasn't a good day to fish. I went with a friend and we started around 1 pm. Water had about 3-feet of clarity. After about an hour or so, it began to drizzle a little, and then rain. We could see overhead that the sky would clear up shortly. So we sought shelter under a tree(we didn't have rain coats) until it cleared up(took nearly an hour). We continued to fish, I switched up baits a few times to see if I could get the bass to bite, but I had no luck. It shortly began to pour! The rain came down on us pretty hard. The lightning and thunder began to strike, gusty winds began to break waves into the water. We figured that we'd continue to fish under the tree(we didn't get the chance to move out of the same spot), and then the hail came as I began to T-rig a senko. I threw the hook and senko into my tackle bag, grabbed my rod and proceeded to walk about a half mile in the pouring rain and hail.

    I mostly threw a spinner bait(a KVD white and blue w/ a little red), and then used a lure from lucky craft(the name escapes me). The treble hooks kept hooking actual grass from the bottom of the lake so I decided to switch it after a few casts. I then tied another, lip-less lure in hope that it would stay afloat(we saw a bass destroy some baitfish on top water from a distance, but I don't have any topwater lures), but it would just sink to the bottom and grab all of the grass from the bottom. And then, almost came the T-rigged Senko, but mother nature decided to kick us out.

    My friend is more of a saltwater fisherman and went with a carolina rig. I ultimately ended up helping him out and rigged a drop shot on with a pumpkin-colored, garlic-scented grub, and then with an Aaron's magic roboworm.

    Not even a nibble the whole day.

    On a side note, i tried out my new rod, Daiwa CFE702MHFB Medium Heavy Crossfire Rod (2-Piece), 7-Feet, Black. I am not sure if I really like it. I paired it with an Abu garcia black max. Everything I threw felt too heavy for the rod. As soon as I began to reel, the tip kept bending down a bit too much for comfort. I love my Abu Garcia 7-Feet Vengeance rod(1-piece) MH a lot more. It feels a bit more solid, yet sensitive enough to feel lite bites. I actually love my Vengeance rod. Getting chances to take it out do not come around so often since I drive a smaller car, making 2-piece rods a bit more convenient. I'm able to fit it in if I fold the seats down, but I do get lazy sometimes.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Thanks for the report,haven't been there lately,when it rains I usually wait at least 3-5 days only because of water quality.

    Cya Tuna Vic

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