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Thread: Dodos and forks on the kolo

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    Default Dodos and forks on the kolo

    Got the call from Jeff that he was taking out the Kolomona this past Monday since the weather cleared up, it had been a while since i got a line wet so i was super excited to get out plus i heard the Dodos were biting and since ive never caught one before there was no way i was going to miss out on it. the plan was to meet up at midnight and make the trip down to San Diego to launch, of course the excitement got to me like always and i did not get any sleep right until 11:20 woke up at 11:50 PM cursing up storm and flying out the house with rods and tackle bag in hand. Got to Jeff's house to greeted Frank(hardest working guy i have ever fished with) and a new friend Mason (cool guy)and managed to sleep most if the way to the ramp, launched and picked up some not so great looking big sardines ( glad i picked up some 2/0 hooks) we tried hooking up some mackerel on the side of the bait barge but no luck , so we shot up to the rocks were we had much better luck with mackerels and picked up some solid ones, not sure where or for how long we headed out (i was napping again) but i woke up to a beautiful Patty, grabbed my 8' custom with an avet sx #60 braid with 10 feet of #20 seaguar floro picked out a nice dean and was in business, Jeff position the KOLO perfect, i just him swim away right at boat , few seconds later lines braid starts flying off my avet i give it an extra second and the fight begins freshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh one though i lost it for a second as swam straight for the boat but i caught up to it, i look back and Frank is bringing in yellow tail so i though i had one to, but this was no yellow!! could be ?? really ? finally i see the beautiful blues, greens and yellows My very first Dodo, the Joy the excitement , even if i would have not caught another fish that day i would have been happy (thank you Jeff) ive been wanting to take a dodo off my list for many years. A nice picture would have been nice but there was fishing to be done, the patty produce a few more yellow and dodos for us before we moved and ran into a massive school of dolphins with birds working on them. we pulled out the heavy gear and start trolling perfectly right in the middle of them, i was standing right next t o the rod just waiting for it to go off but after cruising with the for 20 minutes - nada !! so we move on and continue finding Pattys with most of them producing multiple dodos and yellows.the weather was perfect with a nice breeze the beers were cold and the rods were bent

    Jeff bounces a sardine on a dodos head and instantly hooks up on it
    Jeff hooks up to a dodo 2 feet from the boat that was going after a trolling feather dangling from a troll rod
    poachers chase us to a patty and sandwich us bestrewn them and the patty,the four of us hook up but it resulted in Jeff losing a #25 dodo that tangled up with their #8 yellow tail and they were talking smack
    Jaime and jeff catch dodos on chum bait
    Frank was the hot stick
    Mason catches his first dodo
    Turbo blows the hose quick fix back on the road
    total count
    17 DORADOS
    1000 TONS OF FUN
    Great time on the Kolo as always , thank you Jeff for the invite, Frank thanks for the hard work and great job on cleaning all the fish, Mason great fishing and chatting it up with you

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Glad you guys had fun! Here's the video:

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    Very nice session!!
    Congrats on your first Dodo..
    Frank is the hot stick more often than not and that was very cool that he handed off the rod to Mason..
    Jeff knows what he is doing and usually finds the fish...
    Glad you all had fun and it looked real nice out there on the water.
    Maybe we'll share a rail again soon Jaime.
    Take Care All,
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    Sooo sick! Awesome report and vid! Sweet to see the kolo killin it as usual

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    Thanks ,im sure we will Robert !

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    can't go wrong when fishing with jeff! mr. fishy!

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