Lake Sabrina Boat Landing
May 4, 2017
Still have issues with water – know for sure the Café will be closed Friday, May 5th – not sure if we’ll be open Saturday or Sunday – waiting for test results. Fun and games at Lake Sabrina.
What an Opener – lots of anglers out on the ice early and that was a good thing. Fisher people started hitting the parking lot at about 2AM. About 4AM, a party of 4 went started to the DingleBerry Inlet. At 6AM, them temp was 19°. The ice was turned out to be about 3” – 5” of ice, then about 10” of slush and another 10” or so of ice again. By the end of Saturday, the temps had gotten up to about 40 and things started to get a bit slushier. Had about 8 people either put a leg thru down to their knee or put both thru down to their waste. Had a guy come in a ‘steam dry’ his jeans on the woodstove.

Sunday gave way to temps at 38° at 6AM, meaning the slushy stuff didn’t really firm up overnight. Things started to get a bit dicey about noon. Had a few more get a bit wet – no one that we know of went all the way thru and that’s a good thing.

It hasn’t gotten any cooler up here at the Lake either. Temps Tuesday and Wednesday hit 70° and the snow along with the Lake ice is melting quick, but remember it’s Spring and Spring in the Sierra means Mother Nature’s likes to change things ups a bit. We’ve got a chance of rain today and breezy conditions on Friday. The temps are dropping and by Sunday the high is expected to be in the mid-30s with a 90% chance of snow and lows in the low- 20s. Pack your woolies and throw in the chains – winter’s not over yet. Then next week, showers and thunder are on the menu. Gotta love Spring in the mountain. Check – enter Aspendell, CA, in the search field and scroll down a bit.
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So how did everyone do fishing you ask? AWESOME – so many limits out of the Lake and smiles around to be back on the ice at Lake Sabrina. The DingleBerry Inlet was pretty much iced-over with about 20’ of open water showing. Not sure what it looks like now.

Jared, Dave and Mike Gonzales and Joe Taylor (their mentor) tossed everything they had and the fish took everything they threw. Devin and Dion Real had a great time on the ice. Emily Escobar, Rosemarie and Martin Esobar caught lots and lots on PowerBait and NightCrawlers. Ben Runkel came up a bit on the short side of catching, but had a great time trying. Aaron Delgado caught 12 and kept 4, getting a bit wet after going thru up to his waist. Travis Birrer, Ashtray Procyk and Nick Baird brought in one after another using Jigs, PowerBait and NightCrawlers. Tom and Dillon Hughes got onto the ice at 8AM on Monday and were off at 10AM with limits using NightCrawlers.

Might be a while before the hikers can get in – the Sabrina Basin TrailHead is still under about 2 feet of snow. There is also a good drift on the trail across from the Café where an avalanche came down in the winter – looks like about a 10’ drift.

Sorry for the late report – it’s tough getting going in the Spring. Updated HughesNet and can only connect to FaceBook and YouTube. Can’t get into my email account or update the webpage until I get to town.

Save travels.

Juanita, Rick, Patti, Len, Ginny & Dwayne