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Thread: So how did everyone do this opener?

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    Default So how did everyone do this opener?

    What up everyone? Today is already Wednesday and so far I haven't seen any reports on the Opener. Just wondering how it fished this year with all of the water levels being up. Hopefully everyone still did well. I normally head up every year within 3 weeks of the opener but we decided to postpone it by a few weeks this year. Just kind of curious how things went because I've had pessimistic thoughts clouding my head leading up to the opener due to the increased water levels and knowing we're going to have to put in some extra time to re-learn each system we target. That should be a fun challenge. I can't wait!!!

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    Spoke to my guide at Crowley and he said fishing was great opening day ... gorgeous weather, etc. Catching was poor. He's still waiting for the lake to open up. He's out there trying to figure it out ... "re-learn? as you mentioned.?

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    I fished the loop on sun and monday for a total of 3 stockers. Everyone I spoke to had said the fishing was really slow. I headed up to Lundy and my luck changed there. I ended up with 7 stockers there all on garlic infused floating worms. The weather was perfect everyday and the beauty is always there so it was still an awesome opener IMO.

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    Fished on Friday on my way to Bishop. Hit up George Creek. Really slow. Normally land 20 fish in a couple hours. Only managed 1. Stock Truck showed up and dumped about 100 lbs of fish. I left shortly after that. Fish take some time before they bite. Hit up Lone Pine Campground. Couple native browns. Stock truck showed up here as well. I threw my usual at the freshly planted fish. nothing. Stop 3 was Tuttle Creek. Landed a couple rainbows for dinner and release a couple little browns.
    Went up to Creekside RV park and setup camp.; Decided to play it lazy for the opener. I had my 4 year old son so I decided to fish Rons pond. Slept in and made it to the pond at 530AM. It was iced over,. The truck showed 21 degrees., Didn't feel that cold but the frozen pond indicated otherwise. Did manage to pull a couple stockers out of the pond on a jig. Took it easy on the opener. Drank way more beer and fished way less. This is a far cry from my 100 fish days on the opener. Even snuck in a nap.

    Jumped on Bishop South Fork on Sunday. Nailed a couple decent stockers on eggs. Took an unplanned plunge into the creek. I guess early morning beers may actually affect your balance. Who would have thought that???
    Very slow fishing but spent a lot of time just hanging out with the boy. He wasnt bothered by the lack of catching. We went on some hikes and exploring.
    Made it home and still trying to catch up on some sleep.
    Snow wasn't as bad as many reports indicate. Intake II was wide open and little snow if any on the ground. Runoff hasn't started yet. But there is plenty of white stuff up on the hills.

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