Lake Sabrina Boat Landing
April 26, 2017
We know y’all want to know the conditions of the ice for ice-fishing.

Well, it’s a bit on the thin side. Had some skiers on the ice yesterday, and they said they wouldn’t be walking on that ice. The ice this year never got real thick. In December, the Lake started freezing, then the snows came and came and came and insulated the ice so it basically stayed at about 32° and couldn’t freeze any deeper.

There is probably an ice-free hole about the inlet, but not sure how big it is. Bishop Creek will be stocked prior to Fishmas – South, Middle and North Fork.

The road to South Lake is still under snow as is the road to North Lake – our road is currently wide open. Intake 2 is, also, wide open with very little snow around it. There is still some snow along the shady sides of the creek and the creek is runny hard. Watch out along the creeks for undercutting of the banks especially if you fish Owens River – the River is howling – please be careful.

We’ve had a few Eagle fly-bys, sure is a sight to behold – even saw it flying over Intake 2. Also had three coyotes roaming the Lake the last few weeks – keep your eyes open.

Campground Update from “Bishop Creek & Big Pine Campgrounds” FaceBook page - ‘The Bitterbrush, Big Trees, Forks, Intake 2, and Bishop Park campgrounds should be open for the Fishmas. 4 Jefferies will be closed due to water problems. If you are planning on visiting our campgrounds in the Big Pine Canyon I am sorry to say they will not be open for Fishmas. We had some problem with water and they will be open in a couple of weeks.’

Weather Update
Looks like the breezey conditions will be with us thru Friday, then a gorgeous Fishmas weekend. Highs at the Lake in the low 50s for highs and the mid-20s for the lows. BE SURE TO WEAR SUNGLASSES AND SUNSCREEN – that sun against the snow is brutal.

Road Update from “Inyo County Sheriff's Office” FaceBook page
Updated Conditions for Inyo County Mountain Roads
The Inyo County Road Dept team has been working extremely hard to clear mountain roads before fishing opener. Due to historic snowpack in the Sierra, this year has proven to be quite challenging. However, as of this week there are some new open roads!

  • Upper Rock Creek, above Tom’s Place – CLOSED- Mono County Road was going to begin snow removal operations the week of April 17th, however, due to challenging snow conditions this has not been possible. Inyo will not be able to access and estimate the snow removal timeline for the last mile of Rock Creek Rd. in Inyo County until the week of May 15th.
  • Pine Creek Rd. – OPEN- No restrictions
  • Sabrina Rd., - OPEN - We have cleared and will maintain two lane access to the lake parking lot, parking is limited at Sabrina Lake. The road will still be ICY at times – so drive cautiously.
  • North Lake Rd. – CLOSED- Due to the narrow and hazardous sections of road, there are no immediate plans to open North Lake Rd., conditions will be monitored and reassessed May 8th.
  • South Lake Rd. – CLOSURE MOVING- Effective Friday (4/28) at 4:30pm, the closure will move to Parchers Resort and Pack Station. There will be limited parking available there, and ICY conditions. Walking access will be from there to South Lake.
  • Glacier Lodge Rd. -OPEN- No restrictions
  • Onion Valley Rd. – OPEN, Effective Friday (4/28) at 4:30pm. expect ICY conditions at times.
  • Whitney Portal Rd. – OPEN, Effective Friday (4/28) at 4:30pm.
  • Horseshoe Meadows Rd. – CLOSED- Due to road structural damage and rockslides; Inyo County is in the process of emergency opening repairs, we are anticipating limited access mid-June, depending on conditions.
  • Nine Mile Rd. – OPEN – No restrictions.

    Please anticipate limited parking at higher elevations due to snow, so plan ahead. And remember that road conditions can change based on the weather so stay up to date.

    You may see road workers, please be courteous!

    We plan on opening Saturday, April 29th at 7:00am pending our water test. If things change – I’ll keep you posted!

    Our internet is currently down at the Lake – we should be back up Friday afternoon – but I’ll get the word out somehow!

    Safe travels to all!

    Juanita, Rick, Patti, Bryan, Len, Ginny & Dwayne

(Yup, we’ll all be back)