The plan was to head out to the Fred Hall Show early Saturday morning. Drove by and saw the water looked very fishy. Got the first parking spot which was nice too. Had to give it a try. Had the Lucky Craft 115 MR Electric Grunion. No wind, And it was Peak high tide. Not much of a surge going on either.
About 5 to 10 minutes in of working the whole area I feel a Wham!! Good feel from the strike it was a decent Halibut. The only problem was I was on some rocks. I looked around and had no landing area. CRAP! Fought the Halibut for a couple minutes and when it came up top I knew she was a legal Halibut. My adrenaline was pumping. How am I gonna land this thing? Didn't have a net or a gaff either. Saw the only possible spot I got on the big rocks, and with one arm keeping the line tight, and the fish just enough in the water to not snap my line. I reached down with the other hand and very carefully gilled her and scooped her up! Success!

Pretty happy I got this one since I very easily could have lost it.

Here are some pictures. Sorry for the late report. Busy week at work. Really wishh they made this Electric Grunion pattern. Heard some where around on these forums someone had this color made up. Its a killer color!

Measure shots.

Got her right in the face.

Couple more shots.

Conditions were just right and was happy to get my first legal of the year.

Thanks for reading and good luck out there! Until next tide.

Joel 8) 8)