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Thread: 25 fishermen rescued off of fishing boat by the Coast Guard off of San Clemente Is.

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    Default 25 fishermen rescued off of fishing boat by the Coast Guard off of San Clemente Is.

    The first thing I do when I start reading a new thread is to know "who" the author is." That usually will tell me what kind of a thread I'm reading and what angle that person is usually coming from in their writings. People who following my writings know I write fishing reports and talk about Political topics. I leave the Human interest stuff to others who do a much better job then I would do.

    When I came across this article of fishermen needed to be rescued off of a fishing vessel, I wasn't cruising through my fishing information websites. But Yahoo news looking for the latest Dumb stunt President Trump did "TODAY"!!! So the article wasn't written for local consumption. It was a national story so those little fine details didn't stick out immediately. Two things immediately come to mind after reading the headline. San Clemente Island means it's a local boat and 25 fishermen means it's a 65 footer or bigger. The 4 boats that immediately come to mind are the Freedom, Toronado, Thunderbird or El Dorado. I was close, it was the Trueline from San Pedro. (I am sure many of us have ridden those boats to SCI, so it could have been us!!!)

    The details in the article were slim but haven fished these boats for over 40 years I understood what happened. At 3:00 pm Saturday the boat ran over a submerged rock at San Clemente Island and tore a hole in the boat. The boat immediately started taking on water and the Coast Guard was summoned for assistance and was able to safely evacuate all the passengers. The crew made the courageous decision to try to save the vessel. They hauled butt with the bilge pumps working over time and safely got the vessel to the Newport harbor boat yard for repairs. (they were shadowed the whole way by the Coast Guard for their safety)

    In the 40+ years I've been riding the sportfishing fleet. There have been many causality's to many boats I have ridden on. You would think that number would be going down with all the advance technology but it hasn't. Several boats have sunk or been damaged besides the Trueline in just the last couple of years. (we won't count those 2 clowns who sunk their own boat for the insurance money) So this brings up the meat of my thread.

    President Trump with all his inexperience in governing is going to effect all us fishermen who think the Pacific Ocean is our personal fish pond!!! (Me included) In his first budget, like all good Republicans before him, Trump thinks the only good expense for the government is the Military. Other then that everything else is just "WASTE, FRAUD and ABUSE"!!!!! So every other program should be able to get by with a lot less money!!!!! So cutting the Coast Guard budget by 30% should not cause any "HARM" to any person!!! They can just get rid of the waste, fraud and abuse and nobody will know the difference. How does the President know this????? Because every Republican since Reagan has said, "this is true!!!" This has been tried on the State level a few times with "Disastrous results." Governor Brownback in Kansas is the poster child for this failed experiment. It's never been tried on a National level till now. Why because the Democrats wouldn't allow it. (Obama coined a phrase I didn't like at the time) Now the Republicans use it all the time. Elections have consequences!!!!! A lot of people on here thought it was funny to poke fun at Obama and Hillary. A lot of them even voted for Trump, where are they now defending their boy and his new policy's????? Either they are hiding under a rock or just about now crossing the Mighty Mississippi in their U Haul towing a fancy boat!!!!! Leaving us here to face "THEIR MUSIC!!!"

    I wrote a pretty good fish report a couple of months ago that morphed into something pretty weird. Lady Q put in a link to Gordon Lightfoot song of the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. (I will admit I played it a few times before the thread got taken down) The lyrics are pretty accurate to what really happened to the freighter lost in bad weather on the great lakes. They had mentioned several times in the song of the 29 seamen who lost their lives with the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Let's just hope we can ride out 4 more years of President Trump's administration, (I don't think he will get re elected) without any major catastrophes. "I DON'T WANT TO BE ONE OF THE 29 SOUL'S LOST AT SEA" that could have been saved if the Coast Guard was operating at Pre TRUMP levels!!!!!!
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    You know eTucker,

    When I see your name by a post, I can tell what kinda post it's guna be... and I prepare, I perpare to call, I purport ta caul, tah cauliflower you out... gun slinga. .. oops sPell checkers, I mean schpeil chessers, I mean ... eh you know what I mean...

    E-ftookus da'as's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Quagga View Post
    You know eTucker,

    When I see your name by a post, I can tell what kinda post it's guna be... and I prepare, I perpare to call, I purport ta caul, tah cauliflower you out... gun slinga. .. oops sPell checkers, I mean schpeil chessers, I mean ... eh you know what I mean...

    E-ftookus da'as's

    Were you hacked by the village idiot???? lol

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    Default Reply to this post.

    I will wait a couple days before I reply to this post.
    I am glad the fishing people did not end up in the water and I am glad the crew saved their boat. Hit a rock at San Cemente Island does not sound good to me after fishing out that way for 61 years.
    Sweet Dreams

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    If anyone would like to have an adult conversation about this feel free to chime in. (I promise to be nice) lol As the kids would say, "it just got real!!!" I saw no mention of this incident in WON this week. I'll give them 1 more week and I might write them a letter about this. The reason why I feel compelled to write to them, is they need to talk about the other side of the coin of Conservationism. They pound the drum all the time how great Conservationism is with out talking about the down side of it!!!!
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    It looks like the Republican rats are jumping the ship here in this forum. It's about time. They were one of the reasons that I stopped posting so much here.

    Good post, etucker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Natural Lefty View Post
    It looks like the Republican rats are jumping the ship here in this forum. It's about time. They were one of the reasons that I stopped posting so much here.

    Good post, etucker.
    Nice to hear from you again. I'm a bit of a history buff and one of my favorite subjects is the American Civil War. On a family vacation with my father to Washington DC about 10 years ago, I had the fun one day to take the rental car to Gettysburg Pennsylvania. While my father was being entertained with his WW2 army buddy's at the WW2 memorial.

    When I got to Gettsyburg, I did some of my own site seeing of the battlefield. I then took a guided tour with another 30 tourist. (the guide might as well been a Conservative, the way I had soo much fun with him!!) He did say something that was very similar to what happened in the GD section here at FNN. One of the ways you could tell who won a Civil War battle was, "who was left in possession of the battlefield after the fighting had stopped."

    Even though the Republicans now control both Houses of Congress and the Presidency. The Republicans on here totally bailed on this website after Trump won the Presidency. It should have been their turn to defend their party and their policy's. Instead they acted like cowards and chose to remain silent or move away!!! (speaking of moving) I've been monitoring one of them who chose to move away. They are now moving South and East along the Smokey Mountains looking for a safe heaven to call their new home. (one possible location got totally shattered when the new Governor elect turned out to be a Democrat) The first thing he did when he took office was get the state legislature to rescind the LGTB Bathroom law. (which now made this state totally unacceptable for a good Conservative to live in!!!) lol The ones who remained on this website in the GD section now are only the strong Independents and the Progressives. So any political topics brought up here now are met by a chorus of crickets!!!

    I've been on a pretty good fishing roll lately and was able to write up some pretty good fishing reports. So I haven't needed to write on any political topics lately. That doesn't mean I haven't been keeping up on what's been happening politically.

    BREAKING NEWS: In a recent poll 51% of the people are now embarrassed to have Trump as President of the United States. With news headlines like that, it's no wonder the Republicans on here chose to get out of town before sundown!!!!

    PS. I have been saving a piece in my head on Fake News that I plan to write soon!!!
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    Thank you for your reply. Yes, I call him wutzizname and don't consider him to be my president, or this government to be my government (due to the fact that he lost the popular vote and his party have gerrymandered, voter suppressioned and lied their way into a majority). I am so very sick of him. I disliked him before he got into politics, and now I despise him. The whole political scene is surreal now, like a nightmare one cannot wake up from. Politically, I have a group on Facebook that screens out conservatives, trolls, spammers, etc. It's a really good group, if I say so myself, although the events of this past election cycle have been difficult to deal with. Many progressives are very bitter at Hillary Clinton and colleagues for their unfair treatment of Bernie Sanders. I feel that way and think Sanders should be the new president, and probably would have defeated wutzizname, but bitterness and prolonged anger are not in my nature. I want us to go forward from here with political reforms and Bernie and the rest are still with us. I can out argue conservatives, but it gets tiring and it's not worth it when you know that you can never change their minds, because their cognitive dissonance wouldn't allow it -- so I am networking with liberals and trying to build something productive. I really don't enjoy arguing either. Some people actually do. LOL

    I haven't been fishing much these past few years, but I think I can go fishing more this year. I am having spring break (from teaching) next week and we plan to go fishing. I just read your aqueduct report and really liked it. I am tempted to go but the only problem is that my wife will want to keep every striper over 8 inches. LOL I don't know why they have that limit on the aqueduct. We will probably head farther north.

    It's good to hear from you, etucker.
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    Oh yeah, fake news. It's amazing how some people, including wutzizname, consider fake news to be anything that they don't agree with. This is a very strange and interesting age. There is both more information, and more misinformation, than ever before, and most people don't seem to know how to sort one from the other. We need to work on that so people can do a better job of filtering out the truly fake or deluded stuff.

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    What a RANT, you must have a lot of time on your hand and of all the things you you can worry about with this state and country you wrote a dissertation expressing concern about budget cuts to the coast guard for fear of the once in a lifetime when a charter boat springs a leak. You've got a lot more to worry about than dying from fishing on a sportsfishing boat, a little over dramatic don't you think? Have you seen the new tax hike for gas and registration, i'm more worried about that and how about that brain child governor passing laws that let out felons early, that's more worrisome to me.

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