Is there anyone here who has caught crappie and Bluegill in Fairmount Park? I'm trying to figure out the Black Crappie and Bluegill fishery in this park's lakes to see if the waters would benefit from a stocking or multiple stockings of these panfish to enhance the fishing. I am trying to put together some information to present to the City of Riverside. Redear Sunfish would actually be a better choice than Bluegill because of Bluegill's tendency to over-reproduce and get stunted in their growth. Redear lay less eggs and grow to larger sizes in less time than the Bluegill do. Another thought would be to bring in the popular Florida strain Bluegill, which are present in nearby Lake Perris, and grow to larger sizes than the normally stocked "Northern" Bluegill.
If anyone can tell me about your Bluegill and/or crappie fishing success at these lakes, please let me know. You can PM me if you would prefer.. Thanks!