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Thread: 1.5 hours of fun

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    Default 1.5 hours of fun

    With flat conditions and no surf how else does one suppose to get exercise.?
    Got to my usual hole at mid-tide and what a joy to see it getting in shape: all the last year's sand is gone and instead of gently sloped beach there are rocks, ledge, holes and the place is just screaming 'Halibut!'
    The grassland was there and the visibility was 1-2 ft only (I guess clay particles from old runoff are easy to steer even with minimal water movement). But out flies an LC and almost right away I got a nice legal of 24". A kid with mom came by and watched the whole process and the fish was so cooperative that I had to finish the act with a sweet release. Continued to walk and cast and within 1.5 h got 4 more measured at 21, 15, 18 and 19 with smaller models being more aggressive fighters. Sorry - no pics - they were all the grayish color of the water and pebble rocks mixed in the surf.

    Did not see any bait (poor viz but saw some splashing far and some pelicans diving) and hope the structure stays put and water gets clearer - this place can become a blast.
    Hope many of you got out this weekend to check ocean holes near you - there have been developments since winter storms...

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    Fossilized SWAT Bones


    Sounds like an awesome time. Right the right time. Keep up the great work!

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    Sounds like a very nice day in the surf.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    A five Hali session with a legal ... WTG!

    SP Dan <"))><

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    Cant wait to get back out on the sand. Nice report dude!

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    Sounds stellar my man, things have been super slow for me so far this season. But alas..............the water is warming, Verne

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