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Thread: The water at Lake Wohlford got dirty again!!!

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    Default The water at Lake Wohlford got dirty again!!!

    I will admit when I'm wrong!!!! But with all the biased reporting going on in this world. The person I trust the most is myself. The water at Lake Wohlford got really dirty with all the rain from the January storms. But when we went fishing at Lake Wohlford 2 and 3 weeks ago the water was pretty clean. Our last fishing trip there was 2 weeks ago and it was pretty damn good!!!! Since then it rained only 1 time for 1 day and that storm was pretty mild. Yet the reports I kept reading said, "slow trout bite due to muddy conditions." I'm thinking we killed them there last trip in clean water and now they say it's slow after that 1 little storm???? (impossible I'm thinking, it must be just bad fishermen who are looking for an excuse of why they didn't catch any trout) I due my do diligence before I go fishing and called the lake to make sure the trout truck didn't break down on it's long journey from Nebraska. It didn't so I was planning on a banner day of fishing on Thursday March 9. I did ask the ranger what the water looked like and he said, "it was still dirty." (I still didn't believe it!!!) Not because I thought he was lying, but I know that ranger is color blind. So when I got to the lake, guess what the water looked like????? It was very dirty as far as the eye's could see!!!! DDDDDOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!! (as Homer Simpson would say) That doesn't mean we are totally screwed, we just are going to have to fish are Hinney's off to catch anything!!!!

    I'm running the boat so I at least know what to do. The problem is I've got 2 pretty weak fishermen and women with me. (Rita & Glenn) If the water was clean, they can't help but catch fish by just doing the basic right things. Now that's the water is dirtier then Heck, you got to do all the right things all day long if you hope to catch anything!!! Which means having 2 poles in the water each all the time with the best colored bait (orange P/B dipped in garlic casted into good spots) Needless to say my other 2 fishing companions weren't doing that!!!! I will admit I turned into Captain Byle. Glenn is my fishing partner and Rita is a GF, so I didn't worry about hurting their feelings!!! (yes I was a total ####) But I knew that was the only way we were going to catch any fish.

    Glenn got the first and his only bite of the day and broke his #2 test line setting the hook like it was a Yellowtail eating a Mackerel. Then Rita pulled a female power play on me to try to calm me down. She needed to go to the bathroom back at the boat dock. (if your a guy we all know there are other choices including holding it for awhile) So I took her back to the boat dock and after she used the facilities I made a quick drift in Oakvale cove hoping for a bite. Glenn and myself threw out our trout poles and she wanted to try one of my catfish poles. She wanted to try a shrimp but had picked up the N/C pole instead. The problem was the N/C pole had a small hook and I believe in a big hook for shrimp. Of course Glenn said, "just use that hook with a smaller piece of bait." (this is why I've out fished Glenn every trip this year) I said "NO" use the pole that is rigged up to fish a whole shrimp. (this is the kind of day you can't be sloppy and expect to catch a fish) So she fished with my shrimp pole on that drift. We drifted across the cove and didn't get any bites, so I said, "reel the lines up" boy's & girls, Rita then say's "I've got one!!!!" Ok and she really did!!! That pole is a heavy pole and it's bending pretty good, so I know it's a decent catfish!!! It breaks the surface and it's a good Blue Catfish. (I'm guessing 4-5 lbs) I tell her they have a biggest fish contest every month by species. In Jan it was won by a 3.9 lbs catfish and Feb was won by a 5.5 lbs catfish, so it's worth weighing. We get to the boat dock and ask the guy, what's the biggest catfish that's been weighed in this month for the catfish contest?? He said, "nobody's weighed a catfish in yet." We've got one, so let's go ahead and get it weighed. (It came back weighing 4.5 lbs) So right now Rita is leading the catfish contest this month at Lake Wohlford. After that I calmed down!!! She wanted to keep it and I said, "can we talk about it??" (I don't like to kill catfish) I agreed to be super nice to her for the rest of the month and we will keep any trout we catch today. So we struck a bargain and the catfish went free!!

    Now here's the funny part. I was super nice to her and Glenn for the rest of the day and neither one of them got another bite. Me on the other hand, caught 2 trout and 3 more catfish by doing the right things the rest of the day. So was I wrong in the morning trying to be Captain Byle???? (I wanted them to catch fish and I knew how to do it) Or should I have been super nice and let them do their own thing and let them get skunked!!! It's up to the reader to make up their own mind, on what is the correct answer!!!!!
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