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Thread: The Trump Presidency

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    I am thinking of donating my tax cuts to people such as Bernie Sanders.

    It's not self-righteousness. It's doing what I think is the best for humanity and the environment. If my lack of greed makes you feel guilty, that tells me a lot about you.
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    I would like to see, from the idiots on this board, explain how homeowners made out on this particular "tax reform", particularly in California.

    The responses will be predictable, but won't change the current tax schedule ONE WIT.

    If you are cheering for this new tax law, then it is pretty clear where you reside on the ladder in this state.

    And to you I say: "Extra pickles, no onions. MAGA!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by CHUCKY View Post
    Did you get this from your crystal ball? Maybe you should run for president.
    I see you won the Tide pod challenge, Chuckles.

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