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Thread: NPH 1/2/17 late report

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    Default NPH 1/2/17 late report

    Took my middle son out on 1/2 since had the day off. Wasn't expecting much the day after New Years since it was cold and had just rained. Was sprinkling on and off all morning but made for a really nice sunrise launch.

    Best part of the day was hardly anyone was out! The guy launching in the pic was one of a total of 3 people I saw out and all the big yachts stayed in port in seemed.

    This fish were biting to my surprise. BH's were the ticket and also got one on a crank trolling back to the launch site. All spotties but some better size. We have yet to get our first Hali! Any tips are appreciated. All in all another good day with one of my boys.

    Some of the nicer models of the day.

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    Great report! Gotta love fishing with family!

    I've caught spotties and halibut in the same locations using the same tactics, so just keep at it. I caught a really nice halibut once on a slingshot cast under a dock and I've caught them in open water. You just have to keep plugging away.

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    Nice,your a good Pop to get your son out on the water,great bonding time,wtg!

    Cya Tuna Vic

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    Nice! way to go.

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    Those spotties are TOADS!
    Nice job getting your son on the water and on the fish.

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    Best tip for halibut in Newport harbor, live bait. Even in your kayak with the little ones don't let that alarm you. All you need is a bucket. Halibut love smelt and smelt are really hardy little fish. To make it fun for the kids, use 2lb line and some of the smaller treble hooks you can find. Use bread to throw a little in the water and as bait for the smelt. Catch them one at a time and put them in a bucket giving them fresher water every 15-20 minutes. You only need 6-8 of them. Drift under and right by any bridge in that harbor using a 3/4 ounce slider to a carolina rig with about 12lb line. That will probably be your best chance of getting a halibut and probably a nice legal to take home for dinner

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    Thanks everyone for the tips. We're gonna keep at it!!

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    Outstanding report, great fishing with the kids.

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