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Thread: Post Cold Front Striper Recon

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    Default Post Cold Front Striper Recon

    I'm new to the board, but not the lake. I read a lot of your posts and I want to give something back to those who post regularly.

    The lake is rising fast, and the inlet is flowing. There were no fish in the ski arm. The fish I found had lock jaw on lug worms and crawlers. I was using 2lb line and a single split shot. No takers on bait. They were thick schools which stayed put for 3hrs. I picked up a few trolling Urigs and a jerkbait on lead core.

    PM me if your a regular poster and I'll tell you exactly where the striper and shad schools were today.

    Thanks for all your posts! They helped me a lot.

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    Thanks for the report! Rain and cold scared us off this week. Lol

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    Congrats for getting a few to bite...I haven't had any luck with bait for stripers in a while...I usually use 4 lb. line when bait fishing stripers, and that's a challenge with a good striper...what's it like with 2 lb.?

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    2lb is tough, but it's always better to get a bite than nothing at all. The last few days have been a tough. Fish are stacked up in the back of Elizabeth, but they have lockjaw. I've watched some of Castaic's best fishermen struggle over the last week. Is it the full moon?

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    Default of my apprentices did really good there today......i love when students pay attention.................T/O............i think they will biteing good weds............the time of the year changes the effect of the moon sign............

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    Good to know TO! I have a lot to learn. See you Wednesday.

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    Any tips on catching LMB on the upper lake from shore? New to the sight but not to the lake my brother takes me hear a lot and we would fish the spillway and kill em on the drop shot but we drove up to the top got bit on a swim bait but it snapped 15 lb and lost my swim bait I have fished other lakes for bass but they are pretty small and we were able to borrow a boat thanks

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    Set your drag and keep doing what you're doing. Most of the lmb are 40' right now. Good luck!

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    Thank you lacalyokle what do you mean buy "40'"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catch n release wild fish View Post
    Thank you lacalyokle what do you mean buy "40'"
    unit of measurement

    40'= 40 feet below the surface, where the water will be warmer. The outside air temp will drop the surface temp of the water, thus having warmer water deeper below

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