Next time you plan on fishing NPH, bring an ultralight spinning outfit with 2 to 4 lb line on it, go out to one of the many docks there in the harbor and pull off a few of the large black mussels. Make sure you have some kind of hard cutting surface on your float tube or kayak so you can knife open the mussels. Put a nice piece of mussel on a #6 circle hook and a split shot, drop these bait down around the shady sides of docks and boats and walls. Try to be in at least 6 to 8 feet of water. You might want to tie up to a good spot so the current won't pull you away from it. Be ready for a bite as it sinks down. There's no need to set the hook with circle hooks, just start fighting the fish. Most of the fish you will catch are "Buttermouth" perch (actually Black Perch), which look like big freshwater Bluegills and can really fight hard on the light rods. You'll also catch other kinds of perch and small bass, but there's always a chance that a large croaker will take your bait. I usually break a few mussels open and drop them out as chum, which brings in lots of fish. It's really a lot of fun, not know what you will hook into or how big it will be. Great for kids too, be it from a kayak, float tube or boat.