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Thread: December 9th DFG Commission meeting...

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    Default December 9th DFG Commission meeting...

    Wayne Kotow (CCA CAL Executive Director, Al Stasukevich (LAC Recreational Rep.), Joe Exline, and myself (LAC Rec Rep and CCA CAL Board) were at the meeting and made statements on behalf of the Recreational sector as relates to the Lobster FMP and the Proposed Regulations.
    As usual Dana from "Heal the Bay" was there and her comment to the commission stated that she thought that the Recreational sector, specifically the hoopnetters needed to give up more in the process, as stated in the Magnensun Stevens Act (this is what created the MLPA's and the need for FMP's on each species). She said that we should revisit a few of the Non-Consensus items from the LAC meetings (I'm sure she was thinking of specifically, the ban on Conical nets and the seasonal limit idea) although (thank God) she didn't actually mention those items. (We Recreational Divers and Hoopers have had a possession limit along with gear restrictions and gear limits for years…it’s time the Commercial Trappers had some limits too.)
    Here is my comment...
    "Hello Commissioners and Mr. Mastrup
    Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you today about the Lobster FMP and the proposed reg. package.
    My name is Jim Salazar, I’m a member of the L.A.C. and on the State Board of Directors of the Coastal Conservation Association of California.
    I’d like to applaud the Department and the LAC for a job well done on the FMP and the LAC consensus regulation proposals that will be presented at your February meeting.
    I would hope the commission agrees with the Consensus Recommendations of the LAC minus the Power Puller Handicap restriction.
    We Recreational Divers and Hoopers have had a possession limit along with gear restrictions and gear limits for years…it’s time the Commercial Trappers had some limits too.
    Thanks for your time…I’ll see you in February in Sacramento."

    I then, went on to discuss the regulation about measuring and not bringing lobsters on board a vessel.
    This last issue was brought up by Carrie Wilson in the last edition of Western Outdoor News. I'll quote it so you all can see the problem...
    Question: "...a friend of mine was cited for bringing up his net and placing it on the deck of his boat so he could neasure his catch.Can you clarify this?
    Answer: Lobsters cannot be brought onboard boats or kayaks for measuring and must instead be measured at the waterline. Pull up the hoop net, step on the line and lean over and measure it...though I know, easier said than done in the dark and in rough seas...."

    I was prepared to argue this older gal got up to make the first public comment and she addressed the issue in a unique way. She said she was the wife of a hoopnetter and she thought this method of measurement was Dangerous... she pleaded with the Commission to change the regulation to protect her husband and make sure he gets home safe after hoop netting. One of the Commissioners immediately said that safety was their most important item and this would be changed...they refered to Craig Shuman with the DFG, and he confirmed that the way the law is written is dangerous and that it would be changed as soon as possible. Thanks Lady...whoever you were! Earlier in the meeting Craig and I had discussed bringing this issue up so that the wording in the Reg could be changed to allow the Bugs to be measured on board in a safe situation. I'm glad she spoke up as I'm sure she hit a heartstring with the commissioners that I never would have found...I wasn't sure they even had hearts...!
    Joe Exline (Big Joe) brought up the proposed marking of your marker floats with your DFW Go ID Number. His comment involved the wording of the proposed Reg. He is concerned about guys having 10 nets with your ID on them and loaning them out or having guests on board. It sounds like we'll have to keep an eye on this one when the proposed regs are presented.
    It was pretty sad and comical at the same time to hear the Laguna Nuts talk about their Blue Belt and their private gaurd they have hired to oversee the kook brought some pipe cleaner marine animals made by kids to show the Commission. So Sad!!!

    The next Commission meeting is in Sacramento in February and it's an important one as the Proposed Regulatory package will be presented at that time. Wayne Kotow and I will be there to defend your fishing rights and make statements on the proposed Regs.

    Jim / Saba Slayer

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    Way to represent! Thank you very much and please keep up the good work!

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