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Thread: Trout stocking info ?

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    Its funny how some people lurk all day 24-7 and only post when its negative. Irvine lake still is getting fish and the lake has still 5-7 lines of cars waiting to get in every weekend.
    Support Irvine lake along with all Southern California Lakes. Irvine lake isn't going anywhere!

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    The day they allow boats back on that lake the bite on bass and cats will be epic. Think about it, no pressure for all this it will totally be worth a trip out there. Someone will get a triple digit catfish !

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    They're just not putting enough fish in there. I know the revenue is down which begins the ugly spiral of less stockings, less fishermen, less income. Just collecting monies from entry passes might not be enough to sustain their business. I am sure the loss revenue due to boat rentals, pontoons, float tubers, private boats is killing them. 2 stocks since their opener is a dangerous precedent and the attendant in the booth had no idea when the next one would be. Poor Roger of Roger's cafe has to drive around and take orders because his restaurant is not getting enough business. There were a lot of unhappy fishermen out there today with a lot of skunks going on besides a few bass and one catfish. I opened the lake and left at 11 am and saw only one trout being pulled in as I was leaving. Maybe the bite picked up but I doubt it. Laguna Niguel lake had the same thing happen to them a few years ago and the place turned into a ghost town. I pray this doesn't happen to Irvine because it such a beautiful get-away from the city. It is so upsetting that we all have to suffer because of the lawsuit from some irresponsible fishermen. That includes those blood-sucking lawyers who stretched out litigation so the Insurance companies had to settle. Sad days ahead for sure. Good luck Irvine!

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    Well they can always count on the (I'm sure) significant number of casual anglers that don't keep up with the lake's current events or status. There are lots of people that show up, have no idea what they're doing, how to rig their poles, how to cast, what bait works, or even what they're fishing for. Many times I've seen (and helped) people who just come a couple times a year to spend the day outside and maybe catch something, but just go to get out of the house. They don't fish often enough to warrant buying a license (there was a big fluff about the state wanting to require licenses even at pay lakes a few years ago and the lake operators claimed that a large chunk of their customers were casual,non-license holding anglers). This may help the lake out a lot, at least for a couple years anyway. I think losing ALL boats now, not just the private ones, will be a really tough challenge to overcome. Lots of people who have no clue how to fish, let alone operate a motorboat, will be denied the opportunity to spend $75-150 to drive around aimlessly and cut off my trolling lures, and that's good money for the lake when you rent out 25-50 of those tin cans 3 days a week!!
    Honestly, how many people who want to fish actually do the research online for stocking information before going out, 25, 50%? SARL used to be really good about getting the word out and hyping their stocking program, but the Vine has usually been relatively quiet about it, except maybe for the opener. I could be wrong though, but a lot of us in the forum community don't really see outside the bubble here. Where else do you see ads for Irvine besides Fred Hall or maybe a special seminar at your local tackle shop?
    And not having fish doesn't make much difference over having lots of fish and none of them biting, which was the case for a LOT of people for the first few weeks of last season. Can't blame the lake for crappy (for trout fishing) weather.
    Hopefully they can weather the storm, I really do love this lake.

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    I can't wait...!!!!!!!!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by muskyman View Post
    the day they allow boats back on that lake the bite on bass and cats will be epic. Think about it, no pressure for all this it will totally be worth a trip out there. Someone will get a triple digit catfish !

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