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Thread: Bugs bugs bugs on the kolomona

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    Default Bugs bugs bugs on the kolomona

    Got the call from Webmaster Jeff to go hunting for bugs this past Thursday, and you just don't pass on those kinda of opportunities , IM IN !!
    met up with Jeff and his buddy Ty at the docks in long beach about 4:30 pm boarded the all mighty KOLOMONA , off we go, Catalina was to be our destination , the plan was haul *** so we could troll for some wahoo before prime time for lobster hoop-netting but the pacific did not cooperate , that was a tough trip to the island with 3-4 foot swells a little beat up but we made it right in time to bait the nets and drop them,
    as the sun went down, our set was 10 traps,we let them soak for about 30 minutes(seemed like an hour ) , The suspense was killing me , with Jeff at helm ,Ty with gaff we pulled up our first trap BAMMMMMM 3 legals ( about 5 sorts )
    high fives and hells yeah all around ,second trap nothing but a damn eel , ok no worries move on . the 3rd trap DAMNNN this was the mother load another 5 legals with 2 massive kickers , this repeated its self over and over by the 6th trap we were already swapping out legals for big-uns ,we had one of the traps rap around the prop but Jeff made quick work of it saving the trap , buoy and still pulled up a few bugs ( guys a pro) no measuring tool needed if it wasn't a big boy back it went we must have thrown back around 15 of them ( 25 shorts as well ), picked up our last trap and Jeff guns back home with much better weather we made it back in no time , pulled the boat and was home by 10:30 with a sack full of bugs , special Thanks to Jeff for the invite and for hooking me up with some solid gear and to Ty awesome fishing with you brother cant wait to do it again, remember i got your back hahahah
    Side note ; make sure you count correctly before you start tossing legal bugs back !! sorry guys ( one bug short of limits)
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    Nice haul out there guys.
    My back is still messed up and have been invited a couple of times, but had to pass...
    It's just the beginning of the season too...
    Take care,

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    Well I've got one word for that trip,"envy" wtg guys that's some sweet results there!

    Cya Tuna Vic

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    Nice going guys! Glad to see you guy killed it!

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    I am assuming with the rough conditions you were on the front side correct? I've only fished the backside and done well but would like the option to head out in rougher conditions and fish the front side. What depths were you guys setting at?

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    Nice Bugs, my buddies around the port of LA/LB have not been doing very good.

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    Wow..nice bugs! Let me know if you need an extra person next times u guys go for lobster. Thx

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