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Thread: Hot smoked sockeye filet - freezer stock from Alaska

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    Default Hot smoked sockeye filet - freezer stock from Alaska

    So I had left over in the freezer about 2 pounds of sockeye filets I took home last year from Alaska during a fly fishing Russian river hike & wade guided trip.

    Luckily the filets survived my deep chest freezer for a year because the guide vacuum packed and froze them for the plane ride home.

    At first, the filets were not very tasty when grilled, BBQ, or pan fried - they were very dry (wild sockeye).

    Finally took me this long to make the wild sockeye taste great - quick and simple:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Key is to marinate the filets overnight with a wet rub including some white wine.

    Then I hot smoked them at 250 degrees for 3 hours and voila!

    Yummy salmon that actually was moist and tasty.

    Leftovers are being into smoked salmon spread.....

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    Yum making me hungry I need to get a smoker and learn to use it. Glad you got some good fish out of your trip sounds like you need to go back and re-stock now....
    What did you use for the marinate bet it would work for some smoked striper, that I have in the frezzer now.

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    The marinade was simple - store bought McComick Grill Mates Memphis Pit BBQ dry mix for a dollar, some brown sugar, some spicy creole salt, some italian herbs (dried), and white wine.

    You don't need a full blown smoker (I do have a huge one for doing turkeys and prime rib roasts); you can use for hot smoking a plain 22" Weber grill with some charcoal and applewood chunks placed on one side of the grill.

    Place the salmon on the other side (indirect grilling), then control the temp to about 250 degrees using the top and bottom vent holes.

    What was really yummy after 2 hrs was that the leftovers were refrigerated then crumbled into a salmon dip (sour cream & mayo w/ onions & celery chopped fine).

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    Apple Valley,CA.


    Thanks have to give it a try since summer is here now we live on the patio and do most cooking on the barbaque.
    Have done jalapinos stuffed with fish cakes and wraped with bacon real good...

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    Interesting. Will take a note of that and try it out

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