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Thread: 12/10 Newport Bay Night Session

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    Default 12/10 Newport Bay Night Session

    Hello All,

    Hope all is well!!!!

    Well after Saturday's gathering i new i had to come back and get revenge on those 5 fish i had lost, i was supposed to hit the lab with some of the forum members but ended up having to get a rain check as i had to take care of some stuff after words...with that said i hit newport

    Oh and no mighty worm :( *for sure i thought i would get skunked hahah, left that at home, tried some different techniques and sure enough it paid off, first 8 fish night *:twisted: *:?:, ive had a 7 but more dinks than bigger models....all on the Zoom Fluke, get your flukes out!!

    AO: Balboa Island Docks! :twisted:
    Time In: 522pm
    Time out 845pm
    Weather 64degrees
    Water Felt about 50ish
    Rigs: Shimano Caenen, 30lbs braid with 8lbs leaders with 2 flukes, netted 2 WSB
    Shimano Sonora 2500, 10bs, off set hooks, Drop shotting the fluke, netted 4, 3 spotties, 1 sandie
    Shmano Sienna 2500, 6lbs, Fluke on a 1/0 mosquito hook, netted 2 1 sandie, 1 spottie.

    First Up, caught on the 6lbs

    2500 sonora 10lbs drop shot

    Drop shot again

    then this dink wanted in on the action! so i let him have it to LOL

    then the first WSB on the caenen 30lbs braid 8 lbs leader,

    i then get that one off release it and cast into the same location and bam!!!! WSB on again WOOHOO ON FIRE! *:twisted:

    then this one came on the drop shot

    by this time its about 810ish and i start kicking back in and feeling good i had just landed 7 when i get slammed by this! not a bad way to end the nite

    Happy Holidays!!!

    Thanks for reading!!!!

    sorry for any mistakes

    Tony G

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    Nice going out there Tony, congrats on the b2b wsb!


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    Thanks Trout Dog!!! for sure i was like NO WAY B2B

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