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Thread: LOBDELL lake

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    Default LOBDELL lake

    Did anyone fish LOBDELL this year? I understand he Grayling were back in good numbers
    i did find this video

    It has been 10 years since i fished for the grayling
    wonder if it has water left in it.
    the lake has almost dried up 3 times since the 60s

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    I thought the grayling were long gone? Did they re-stock it with them?

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    I know a friend of mine caught a few in 2013
    maybe they did restock ?
    i found this vacation video clearly showing the lake and the fish
    That video is Lobdell and those are Grayling
    I think next spring at thaw i better make a trip up

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    That would be great if they still had the grayling!

    Was hard to tell the date those pictures in the video were taken, though. Some of the clothing looked like it was from the 90s, and I think one guy was wearing a Phillies cap from the 80s (this was at 5:40 into the video). Could have just been an old hat, though...

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    Beautiful pictures, great-looking fish and those grayling! Sure looks like Lobdell but, as Shinbob says, that kind is gone with no plans to replace them. Story goes they had to have US Fish and Wildlife's blessings to import them from Canada and no one wanted to play. Some reportedly in... well, that would be telling.
    Thanks for sharing the very cool pictures though. Brought back some real good memories.

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    The satellite images on Google maps must be old because it basically dry. Like no water but in one little corner

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    The date of the video is 2012

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    Sat pic was taken in September of 2013.
    Actually was a WON piece, back before the Internet took off. A drought year failed to fill the lake. What followed was a perfect storm: a long, dry summer and fall followed by a hard winter that froze the lake solid, killing everything in it. Supposedly when it thawed and filled a bit DFG began using it for a Kamloops brooder facility but from the looks of the water level on the current satellite picture, and some in the archives, and given the harsh winters at 9100 feet, I would bet the lake froze solid at least once again since then.
    It would be well worth the day trip up there just for the scenery, but there can't be any sails left.

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    Default Lobdell lake and Virginia lakes area

    Sorry to bring back an ancient thread, but I wanted to add my report from a visit to this lake yesterday, 7/25/2017.
    First comment is the road to the lake and the lake are on my 2015 version of the honda navigation software!
    The road is 2 lines wide for the first 6 miles then narrows to one lane for the next 4 miles. It's all freshly graded too. Lots of the land over the first couple miles off of 395 is sold. There's also fiber optic cable markers all over the place. Also saw 2 cement mixers coming down a side road....

    Last time I visited this lake was 1993 and 1994. At that time it was little more than a mud puddle holding hybrid rainbow cutthroats. You could catch a fish on nearly every cast of a black nymph. Lots of fun... and worth the hour drive up.

    This time we threw nymphs and buggers of different kinds and sizes. No luck. Tried mepps, cast master and power bait, no luck. Saw an empty jar of salmon eggs and a camp fire area that looked pretty fresh.

    This was the last day of our trip. Spent the previous day and a half in the Virginia lakes area. Lower Virginia is way shallower than it was in the early 1990's! Back then you could catch Giant holdovers... not now. It's nothing more than a glorified trout holding tank for stockers. I saw 3 dead fish on the bottom. Caught and released 4 10-12 inches and 3 much smaller.

    Got skunked in upper Virginia lake. Started out with nymphs on floating line , then switched to sink tip. No luck. Didn't try a full sink as my son got bored.

    Hiked up to blue and cooney lake. Caught and released 4 rainbows at blue. Floating line with a big prince bead head, let it sink and just sit there. Then they'd strike.

    No luck at cooney but didn't spend much time there as it was getting late.

    The walker, both forks, and the little walker were still blown out.

    Way more fishing pressure than the 1990's all through this area.

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