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    Trout fishing using inflated nightcrawlers is very common, and with many people using sun screen or lotions the easiest way to hide the human scent is to add some garlic powder or granulated garlic
    in the worm container as soon as you get it. That allows the worms to get saturated with the scent of garlic and hide the human scent. I've been doing it for years.


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    Hi, I am thinking to start fishing with my friends that tip you share I will definitely apply that but now I want a favour. Someone suggest me for buying a cooler and he refers me few review sites for the cooler I remember one site that provides the coolers review i.e. By reading reviews for many sites finally i decided to buying a yeti cooler. Can you tell me which cooler is best according to you.

    Thanks for the tip

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    Beard011.. If you get a nice cooler or icebox, be sure to put your trout that you catch in the cooler on ice. DO NOT use a stringer or fish basket. The flavor of freshly iced trout is so much better than fish that have died and left in the water on a stringer. The only problem might be the trout themselves. We have had some that tasted muddy. What a shame.. beautiful Rainbow Trout with nice pink meat that we killed to eat and they taste like a muddy pond bottom.

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    I personally use a CAT cooler. I did not know Caterpillar made coolers until a buddy of mine told me about it. They actually have two rod holders on them. They don't advertise them as such but my rods fit perfectly in them on the 55 qt model. Mine holds ice as long or longer than a yeti. Here is where I found mine.

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    Thats a really useful tip. I think my wife has a few garlic powder I can borrow. Ill definitely try that next time I go out fishing.

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    What fishmounter said!!!!
    I do that with any fish I catch so the meat is nice and firm.

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