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Just an OLD, (yes older than you Ron and T O,) grateful retired husband and father living out his days doing my best to catch fish. AND TRY to stay out of trouble, which for me can be difficult at times!!!
For me it's difficult all of the time.

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Man I LOVE that you drew these sardines with a SMILE! This is great info and I can't thank you enough for the report. I almost always bait fish.
Also, I'm planning on driving up to fish Pyramid for stripers. I have a small 12ft. Valco. I've never been to Pyramid, so what can I expect? Also, I only have a boat permit for Kern County, is it a daily fee?
LOL Thanks! I had forgotten about adding the smile.

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Congratulations Ron !
Thank you Capt'n. I'm using the ticket on the 4th of July. I'll plan to write a report.