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    Add this to your tips.

    The greatest fishing tip I ever received was “Hire a Professional Fishing Guide”. If you are new to fishing, targeting a new specie or planning a dream trip to a faraway place a Professional Guide is the best investment you can make.

    For a newbie a Professional Guide will teach you the correct techniques and recommend the proper equipment/gear to use. This alone can save you more than the cost of the guide in not purchasing the wrong equipment or unnecessary equipment. The same holds true when targeting new specie of fish that you have not fished for before. Learning the correct rigging, habits and bait is essential to success.

    When making that dream trip of a lifetime to unknown fishing waters a guide is a must. You have made a large investment in travel expenses and time; make your investment and fishing success a reality by hiring a guide. Often just hiring a guide for your first day on the water will set you up for success for the rest of your trip.

    The education you learn on proper equipment, rigging, techniques, bait and fish habits is priceless and will last a lifetime. The cost when split with a fishing partner brings the cost even lower and the guide will normally supply all of the equipment. I have been fishing for over 50 years and use a guide several times a year and always learn something new every trip.

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    If you're a beginner, I'd start with Ronnie Kovach' s TROUT FISHING IN CALIFORNIA to get basic but thorough info like knots, rigs, and technique. Then go to a few local lakes and try a few things out. Then, go out with a couple guides because now you'll have SOME experience and know better questions to get answered. WARNING...a guide won't show you how to set up a camp chair, throwing out a BAIT-AND-WAIT set up. They (and you) will be FISHING ACTIVELY. You'll be working (I mean fishing), changing up, moving, etc. TROUTONLY will show how to use downriggers...Guy Williams will stand you in the water with a fly rod. All of its money WELL SPENT.
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