Hey guys,

I'm heading back up for the holidays and wanted to get some ideas as to where I could head for some fun. Last time I stopped at Treasure Island and caught one or two perch on fish crack with a light setup. Had to use split shot sinkers below a dropshotted hook to keep it out of the rocks that time.

This time I'm thinking about heading up to the Berkeley Pier. I recall going there as a kid and my dad picking up a pound of live grass shrimp and catching nothing haha. I'm thinking about bringing my Sedona 4000FD w/ 10lb test and a cheapo Shakespeare 6pc rod rated up to 12lb. Definitely not intending to hookup on a shark or anything huge, but just want to have a little fun. Any tips on how to rig up, what bait(s) to use, where to get live bait (if suggested), and where/when to fish? Ironically, I never explored much of the Bay Area waters growing up... most of my fishing experience has been down in SoCal