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Thread: Catch more and bigger perch, guaranteed!!!

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    Default Catch more and bigger perch, guaranteed!!!

    Not gonna mince words - our in-shore fisheries are over-fished. Don’t believe me? Ask any local old enough to remember the 60s.

    So, the reality is; either you are part of the problem or part of the solution.

    I’m not a catch-and-release zealot. Do what you want (only Bigfoot can judge you.)

    If what you want to do is conserve by selective harvest, I have some information that may be of interest to you.

    The gender of barred surf perch can be easily determined.

    Here’s how:

    Male barred surf perch have a pronounced notch in their anal fin. It is a reproductive adaptation.

    Can you see it?

    Female barred surf perch DO NOT have this notch.

    Dig it?

    Now, I’m no scientist, but even I know this basic fact: A single male can mate with multiple females. Therefore, removing a male(s) only from a population, over time, will have less of an impact on over-all numbers than removing males and females or females only.

    So, if you think it might be cool for your grandkids to know what a barred perch over 10” looks like, well, you just might wanna try throwin’ the mamas back once in a while.

    I am not sorry if this offends you.
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