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Thread: 1st Time Tubing Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dci4me View Post
    Congrats on your first tube! You will have a blast. Waders are not required however, as the water cools down you may find it a quality investment. Breathable waders will get you through all the winters here in Socal. On sunny days make sure to wear hat, sunglasses (polarized), buff, gloves, sunscreen, etcetera. Being out on the water all day in the tube can be worse than a tanning bed.

    One of the cool things about your rod holder is you could drag bait or use it for live bait, and cast another rig at the same time.

    Tight lines
    Thanks Dci4me, I am looking to into getting some waders but I am just researching what type I should invest in. I think that I got everything except a buff and gloves. Thanks for the tips.

    Quote Originally Posted by TED MILLS View Post
    Well it sounds like you got everything you need so far and the waders you need to wear in nov i guess it will be cold waterthen.
    Later you might want a fishfinder but that will come in time .

    Have fun
    Thanks ted, the thoughts of a fishfinder have been on my mind since I picked up the tube.

    Quote Originally Posted by .:LOLLY:. View Post
    In Alamitos bay it is not required to have waders and life jacket although life jackets are strongly recommended for those just in case moments.
    Thanks .:LOLLY:., I am definitely going to wear my life jacket in case some jerk hits me with there boat…

    Quote Originally Posted by Carptain_Bao View Post
    Wish I seen the post earlier, launch on the public beaches on Ocean blvd. The one closer to the jetty is my favorite. You don't have to wear waders 3 weeks ago, I tubed with shorts and it's really not that bad, but I am not quite sure about the water temp at this moment. I don't think you are required to wear waders at the pudd either, I tubed it with shorts so have my friends. Good luck tubing, you will enjoy it a lot. Wait 'til the trout season!
    Thanks Carptain_Bao, thanks for the launch location. As far as the pudds rules I was wrong, you only have to wear the lifejacket to my understanding. I cant wait to fish some trout from the tube (I wanna go to Irvine never been there yet but hear good things).

    Quote Originally Posted by Tube'n4Trout View Post
    If you have your fins on, don't forget to walk backwards when you enter and exit the water.
    Thanks Tube’n4Trout, I would have never thought to go in the water backwards.

    Quote Originally Posted by FlamingTube View Post
    Grats on the tube. Waders are sometimes required in some lakes due to them being water reserves and such I believe the proper term would be no contact Lakes so its best to check before going
    Thanks FlamingTube, I have been looking around on the internet to see where I can take tube out at, as well whatever fees they charge parking/launching ect.

    Quote Originally Posted by Trout-Tuna-For.Me View Post
    First time out ever in a float tube can be nerve racking so it's best to start out slow in a lake where there are many ppl around, just in case. Also learn the procedures of how to get into the inflated enough, waders, got fins, rods, tackle, drinks, stringer, etc., or you'll be going back and forth to your car and back. I suggest a dry land practice before you even get to the water. I'd also suggest wearing waders in any water because hypothermia can still happen. Better safe than sorry.
    My 2 cents worth after tubing for 20 years.
    Thanks Trout-Tuna-For.ME, I have done the dry set up in my living room in my living room a few times. I was only missing the drinks but I took note of the drink holder on the tube? I found myself thinking what are the bare minimums I need as far as terminal tackle goes. I want to pick up some waders as well to use in my tube and for the surf. I agree 1000% with the safety issues, I have a family to come home too and would hate to not be coming home because of a stupid decision…

    Quote Originally Posted by spooks View Post
    Thanks spooks, your map has clearly spelled out where to launch from.

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    Hey fishfrenzy,

    this was all good information, planning on pikcing one up myself here in about 2-3 weeks, so all this info will help alot, sort of tired having to pay for boats at locals lakes! :)



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