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Thread: First and PB Bean!!! 6/18/13

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    Default First and PB Bean!!! 6/18/13

    Howdy everyone I'm glad to report my very first Bean report.


    I arrived at the AO at about 0630 it was first light. I geared up and tied up my LC and C- rig and headed down to the surf. Conditions were good at first no shore pounders pretty clear skies and water very small patches of weeds in the distance. I head my mind set on a bean that day so started out with the c rig and nickel sized SC. First few cast were straight out just passing the first trench to see if any fish wanted to play and nothing. Out of nowhere all kinda weeds started showing up so I moved down the beach looking for beans and found a nice open spot weed free and had at it agan a few cast after started hooking up on BSP and Walleye.

    Once I had the stripe off my back I started scanning the surf for beans. I found a pair that kept coming to the same spot looking for SC so I waited for them to head back into the trench and dropped my SC right on that spot they came back time after time and would just look at it but no bites it was like that for about another hour beans were everywhere at one point I have seen like 4 pairs a total of 8 beans just hanging around. I knew it was not me as I was doing everything right I was extra stealthy casting at them in an angle I was using a size 8 mosquito hook 4lb line 1/2oz egg sinker. So I finally I figured they were not hungry so I switched up to the LC and started walking and casting but every cast as soon as I gave it the first crank I could already feel the weeds on the LC. I then decided to go have lunch with the lil women and hit a different location after. May I add lunch was very delicious lol and was nice spending a lil time with the ol ball and chain

    Well after stuffing my face I went to the second location at about 1230 got there and noticed that there was quite a bit of ppl there so I walked down the beach a ways and started looking for SC there were fewer but all that were found were Soft Shells so that was a plus this time I said to myself ok I will get my bean here so I started scanning and found one bean and casted a bit in front of it and waited a few mins nothing and the bean was gone. I continued to walk the beach and found another pair so started casting at them again. A few cast later and about 30mins into the second location BAM I felt my line was hit by a Truck I set the hook and fish on I could see the bean in the water darting back and forth then turned out and went down into the trench and bolted away from me so as I was casting at an angle and the bean was in the trench going away from me I had to run and I mean in full sprint mode to catch up cus I was afraid my 4 lb line would snap from grinding on the sand so here I am running once I get close enought I start short pumping to get the bean to turn and sure enough it did then the fight was right in front of me every time it tried to take I did the same thing short pumps to turn him finally after about what seemed like 5 mins I beached the bean as I bend down to grab it my line snaps lol what are the odds right the gods must have been on my side lol my first reaction was oh no your not getting away so I lobbed it out from the surf with my foot lol then finally was able to grab it.

    Well here it is folks my first bean 21"

    Oh yeah in case you guys were wondering yes I did put it on a stringer and lip grippers when I took it back down to the water to wash the sand off it I wanted to be extra sure it was not going to get away from me lol as I promised my dad my first bean I would bring home to him.

    Here are some pics back at home with Mr. Bean

    All in all it was an epic day for me. I do have video of the last min or two of the fight but it a bad angle cus I was scared to take my hands off my reel lol and when I finally did I moved my gopro I was to excited lol. Thanks all for reading

    Strength In Knots

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    Congrats and great catch! So how's the Volatile rod treating you? They look sweet but I'm curious about the performance...

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    Very cool report and man is that a fatty! Nice job hunting it down and bringing home the goods for dad.


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    Oh Yah, that is one Fatso. Good job.

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    Thanks everyone now I'm looking for a sfc and a ghost from the surf.

    Quote Originally Posted by reservoir dog View Post
    Congrats and great catch! So how's the Volatile rod treating you? They look sweet but I'm curious about the performance...
    Thanks and man I love it it's just the right balance of having a sensitive tip but still having good back bone like for perch or other small stuff it's awesome cus with there soft mouths if I forget sometimes and slam it home to set the hook I won't rip it out lol with my other rods it would be a different story lol but so far I love it I have 2 different ones and both are awesome.

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    Great write up! That's a fatty bean for sure!
    I've been seen them lately all over the surf but they are very finicky.
    Thanks for the report and pictures!!!


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    Default Beans

    Great Catch, dont know how people have patience for the elusive

    Beans ,when there is Hali,s in the same waters A developed skill no doubt

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    Default beans

    Quote Originally Posted by fishshep View Post
    Great Catch, dont know how people have patience for the elusive

    Beans ,when there is Hali,s in the same waters A developed skill no doubt
    What do you guys call beans, is it a Covina and if so are there two types.

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    O yea great son caught 5 of those 2 weeks ago on sc.

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