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Thread: 5/25 San Antonio Lake report.

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    Default 5/25 San Antonio Lake report.

    Met with fresnofisher in Paso Robles at 7 A.M. and we got on the water about 8:00.
    Ran down to the dam to get upwind so we could drift back along the north shore.
    Steve brought some large shinner minnows from Fresno And we were hoping to pick up a striper or two.
    We drifted from the dam to the chalk cliffs and the only action on my shinner was a catfish of about 2 lbs. I put out some liver as we were drifting and picked up another catfish.
    Deciding to go and target the cats we ran across to the cove right at the mouth of Bee Rock and tied up to a snag. I put out some liver and then tossed a shiner over to the snag where it was taken right away by something but I screwed the pooch trying to set a circle hook. I rebaited and tried again and did it right this time pulling in a Smallmouth about 15 inches. Then again and one more smallie off the sme snag this one bigger than the last. While there I caught another small cat then we moved to another snag where I got one more cat. Sometime along there Steve pulled in a small mouth 13+ inches.
    After a while with nothing happening we went to Harris Creek to try but nothing was shaking. We got off the water about 4PM.
    Weather was Sunny about 72 degrees, perfect for sitting in a boat all day. Wind 5-8 MPH.
    Water temp was 70 and clear to about 4 feet.
    Few boats on the water when we launched but the number of skiers built up all day until the lake was pretty busy making crossing the open part of the lake quite choppy where the wakes crossed.
    the coves, particularly Harris Creek were busy with Paddlers in yaks and stand up boards but had little problem with boats not respecting the no wake zones.
    Got checked by F&G for licenses and learned a new rule.
    When you bring Live bait into the lakes now You have to declare it At the entrance and change the water before you can get on the water with it. We weren't cited but we were advised.

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    Great report P TOM,Thanks!

    Getting the itch to go again myself,,70 deg water,,,,,,,,Love that

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    Nice report. I can't wait for the lake to heat up. I'm really hoping to hit it this summer. It's been almost 15 years since I fished the lake for stripers. I remember catching BIG stripers out there but then again, those were the good old days.

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    That's an interesting point about having to declare live bait and having to change the bait water before you get on the lakes. I never knew that, either.

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