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Thread: S.W.A.T Just a few more points for the Youngins

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    Default S.W.A.T Just a few more points for the Youngins

    So my last surf session with Daniel ended up in a big fat SKUNK and during that session my wader boots finally decided to call it quits.

    I'll make this short. Didn't plan on fishing, but I headed to Sports Authority to buy some replacements and decided to do a last minute fishing trip. Conditions were not ideal, but I felt like getting the line wet and I felt the need to contribute some points to the Whippersnappers. After hearing about Daniel's WSBs I decided to head to the same spot hoping they would still be hangin around. I combed the area for the first hour and a half without a nibble and was starting to smell the skunk, when I snagged a short leo (not pictured). Well... skunk was off, but that catch was accidental and that still felt like a skunk to me. Headed out to the rocks and landed my first decent fish of the morning.

    Casted again and bang! A better model

    But not enough for some points.

    Another shortie

    I picked up this lure at the LFS. It's an Owner Cultiva. I thought it would be a killer pattern for the bass, but I lost it on the first cast!

    I tied on one of my "thrasher" LC's and ended the day with this fat sandie. Finally! Some Points!

    Thanks for reading
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    Nice job out there Jason! Every point counts at this point
    It seems like you have better luck using your thrasher LCs lol
    Glad to hear you got your boot replaced. I was feeling bad for you during our last outing especially after seeing that your foot was completely exposed.
    My new waders just came in the mail today so it looks like the both of us are back in business Now we just need to get ken a pair!


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    Nice sandies bro! Sounds like a good day on the water. Thanks for the report and pics.

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    Jaysuun! Great job out there! By the way, did you buy the wader shoes? I have a promo code for 20% off. Let me know!

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    Ummm, not to burst your bubble bro, but guess you didn't know that the fish caught off the rocks don't count. I actually was asking Arthur that as we ventured out there last weekend. I think he'd actually have added more points to our total with a couple checkers he got, but he said it's not technically "surf-caught". Sorry to hear about the boots...nice fish though!


    Amendment...MY BAD, I just re-read the rules in the PM and turd-rollers didn't have the "surf only" stipulation, so it's points for the Youngin's after all! Sorry about that and CONGRATS J!
    Last edited by bachiboy; 05-16-2013 at 06:28 PM.

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    If your wearing out your wader shoes, your boldly going, and working it hard. Bonus points for that from me!!!! I'm on my 5th pair now lol.

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    Hey Jason,
    Good job with calico's Bro...
    Too bad about the boots though, why can't the manufacturers make better quality products?!
    It's almost "W" Day, are you ready?!
    I might get out on Sunday, depends on the weather though.
    Take care,

    p.s. tell tess Hi

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    You guys get so many different kinds of fish to shoot for down there.

    Congrats Jason. Get em while you can.


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    Looks like you tore up the bass and tore up your boots too.. Some good results to show for your efforts and earned some points for the Young Guns too. All and all another successful trip. Sorry to hear about the lost Cultiva though. I have that same one but a different pattern (metallic sardine originally but all the paint chipped off so I touched it up with nail polish). I have had that lure for years and although I have not fished it much. It does catch fish. I remember catching at least one legal halibut on it plus some shorts and some perch.


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    Don't you hate malfunctions when you are fishing?! At least you didn't let that deter you and you caught some fish the next day. Nice bass and keep racking up those points! Congrats on the fat sandie Jason.


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