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Thread: newport harbor skiff fishing?

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    Default newport harbor skiff fishing?

    how's the fishing in the nph from pavillion skiff?

    should i spend the money on chovies or just fish plastics.. im normally a fresh water guy or party boater..

    would my normal texas rigged fresh water plastics work in that harbor?

    thanks for any advice guys

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    at ur honey hole


    U can use pretty much the same techniques as fresh water,Texas rig and drop shotting plastics.u can also bait n wait,u will most likey catch alot more different Fish w bait tho.

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    For spotties a 3 inch watermelonseed, green pumpkin, pumpkinseed, or motoroil curly tail grub is killer

    Halis like green too but they prefer white Pearl or silvery flashy grubs.

    T-rigging is a must around eelgrass. While weedguards will stop you from snagging they still pick up loose weeds.

    When fishing eelgrass use a heavier sliding sinker to get to the bottom.

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