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Thread: mono vs. braid?

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    Default mono vs. braid?

    Hey everyone, I am extremely frustrated with the mono line that I am using. I primarily fish Bass on a texas rig or drop-shot so when I hook up and have to drag the fish through any sort of weeds my line is stretched beyond usage and it forces me to retie. I have tried some other brands of mono but it seems that I still get a high stretch rate out of the brands that I have tried. I have been told to switch to braid but Im not sure if I should just go with floro? any suggestions...

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    If your having a problem with the line stretching, braid doesn't stretch... Problem solved

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    That is the upside to braid indeed...with a floro leader about 8ft or so right?

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    What mono and # test are you using. I'm a big fan of Yozuri Hybrid and Yozuri Hybrid Ultra Soft. Both are high quality floro/copolymer blends with higher than rated breaking strength and low stretch. If you're going to go with braid, Berkley Fireline braid is the best reasonably priced braid I've found. Both can be found at Tackle Warehouse and other high end tackle shops.

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    right now i am using Izorline XXX Super Co-Polymer. i have no complaints about the strength of the line at all I have hauled up some 6lb LMB on the stuff. but the stretch is ridiculous. I have heard good things about the Yozuri I think that is next on the list.

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    What's the big deal about the stretch? Mono stretches, period. If youve never fished braid to floro or mono before you might break off a few times before you get it down, no need to set the hook like crazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan_howe View Post
    ... my line is stretched beyond usage and it forces me to retie..
    I've used various brands of mono, but never experienced stretching so bad that it forced you to retie.

    Do you mean that the line gets nicked?

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