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Thread: RSM lake fishing

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    Default RSM lake fishing

    Has anyone been fishing over at Rancho Santa Margarita Lake recently? I am planning on going fishing for bluegill and/or bass there soon. Thanks.

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    Not recently but probably a month or so. I've only fished it a few times but I've caught small bass, bluegill, and catfish...all on nightcrawlers. My friend caught about a 3lb bass on a crankbait there. People fish that place with everything imaginable...plastic worms, crankbaits, nightcrawlers, hot dogs. I'm certainly not an expert on the place or even that much of a veteran. I'd also like to find out what works there. For the bluegill I'd probably buy some wax worms or small crawlers and cut those in half.

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    How is RSM for carp?

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    I went to RSM Lake today and I got no bites from the bass throwing different lures. It was very hot and the water was placid. We moved from the south end of the lake to the central deeper lake area due to the heat.
    My youngster had immediate attention mid-lake on a piece of a nightcrawler about 5 feet under a bobber and ended up catching a couple of bluegill. Even the bluegill have been driven to deeper water with the hot weather. I found by experimenting with the leader length that the bluegill would not bite the nightcrawler piece unless the leader was long.
    As far as the question about carp at RSM I have seen carp caught on nightcrawlers and doughbaits a few times but not many people target carp at the lake.

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    it's awesome carp fishing, but please kill any carp you catch. The lakes bass population has dropped quite a bit do to the over population of Carp.

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    Yeah, the bass fishing is nearly dead here now because of all the people keeping/killing them, and all the ridiculous amount of carp in there.

    Killa is right. KILL the CARP when you catch them. They were put there illegally and it is a lake rule to catch and KILL all carp.

    Good luck.

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    Man glad im not the only one who thinks the carp ruined the bass fishing at RSM... too bad they repopulate a hell of a lot faster than any of us can kill them. it seems like there are a lot of big carp in that lake biggest I have seen caught is 29lbs! just walk a lap on the bank as the sun rises you will see them in packs cruising all over the lake. Like most city park lakes its not regulated the way they should be I caught an Oscar a few weeks ago...

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    Yeah Carp are all over the RSM Lake. It seems to have gotten really bad for the health of the lake. Bass are down and Carp are way up in numbers. I see the big ones 15+ pounders chasing everything from fish frye to baby duck/birds to eat. They do bend a rod well but I would rather have the Bass in the lake.

    On bad days for fishing I target them and either dump'um or give them to those old Asian men. They seem to like the small ones as a meal. Keeps them away from the sports fish.

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