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Thread: Advanced FLOAT TUBE RIGGING: Arming the INFLATABLE NAVY for BATTLE!! "How to" w/ pics

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    Great post sapdawg and very informative. Nice of you to share tips on how to PIMP YOUR RIDE! This is what a forum should be about.

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    Just awesome guys! Really great to hear all of the amazing compliments and even better to hear that some of you are running to the hardware store to give this a whirl!! Can't wait to see what you all come up with.

    Quote Originally Posted by Troutman65 View Post
    The grass in your yard , is it fake ? Looks so green. Nice going on this do it yourself project to help others . Thanks for posting
    Yeah, its fake. We have 2 large dogs and they quickly turned my beautifully manicured grass into a dust bowl. Fake grass was the only option and we really like it.

    Still looking forward to shaking hands with the king of the Big Bad Reds!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Piss on Myspace View Post
    ahahahahhah and i thought i was the only one!!!

    but thats some good 'ish right there...thanks for posting
    Thanks man!!

    Quote Originally Posted by stocker View Post
    love the ingenuity of your setup! i have the standard fish cat and i've given it a beating but it's still going strong!
    Gotta love Outcast. That boat should last you longer than you want it to!

    Quote Originally Posted by HBAR View Post
    "that's me shouting, laughing and being obnoxious in general at the beginning..."

    until you got all shot up

    when we goin
    No no no my friend! That was me behind the trigger handing out bruises!! I'm ready to get out there when you are!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Yoyo View Post
    Thank you so much for the detailed instructions. I'm actually headed out this afternoon to go get the materials. Just a couple quick questions. What do you do when you want to keep something like a jacket dry in case it gets cold? First time out I just put my jacket in the back and as you know, it gets wet. Didn't really think that one through, not too smart haha. Also, how rugged is that transponder(sp?) for your fishfinder? seems like it would get quite beat up and dragged around on the ground? Thanks again for posting such great manual I'm sure it took quite some time. I'll definately post up a picture of the finished product when it's done.
    Jon, this is an awesome comment. Much appreciated!

    You have a few options with your jacket: a) wear it, b) stash it in a seat back pocket (this comes standard with the Super Fat Cat and Prowler, you can buy it as an add-on to the FC4). This is an ok option as water still does get into that pocket from time to time. or c) put it in a dry bag and put it in the storage area behind your seat.

    The transponder has held up great. You just have to mind it when you are landing your boat. Just know it's there and try not to drag it around too much. And as an added thing...I buy ALL of my fishing electronics through West Marine. I ALWAYS buy the extended warranty. It's cheap and they will replace your equipment NO QUESTIONS ASKED! If something does happen, you just bring it in and grab your new sonar. It's truly that easy.

    Looking forward to seeing your build!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by ThatKidCASH View Post
    Sorry to clutter the thread guys.

    Sweet dude! Yeah, I played on Los Angeles Faction(D3, D2, D1), Rockstar Factory(D2), Rockstar Wrecking Crew(D3), Critical(D2), and now am happily playing on the Los Angeles Hitmen(D2) for X-Ball and 7Man. We usually practice at the "Ranch" in Whittier, as well as SC Village, but we'll travel as far as Camp Pendleton and Warped in Castaic. All depends what team(s) we are practicing.
    Awesome man, tell Sonny over there with the Hitmen that the Blowfish send a Hello!

    Quote Originally Posted by reservoir dog View Post
    Great post sapdawg and very informative. Nice of you to share tips on how to PIMP YOUR RIDE! This is what a forum should be about.
    Thanks man! Much appreciated.

    Looking forward to the pics guys! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I definitely will!

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    Default Nice!

    I havent logged on in a while but this post is awesome...good job on the step by step..Ive had my fishcat for over 6 years and Id have to say this is the best step by step for additions..very kewl!


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    anyone have any specs for the caddis nevada??

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    I know this is awhile back, but like The Mona Lisa, some things are timeless! Thanks for this. I got some great ideas. You rock!

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    I saw this bumped to the top while I was in the Sierra and never got a chance to say THANKS!!!!

    I also have some fantastic was hoped for, the initial idea was revamped and revised into what the creator is allowing me to call "Rod Rack 2.0". Its a more compact frame with virtually the same versitility. Full details and review coming soon but to offer slightly more of a teaser in the meanwhile...the mystery creator of Rod Rack 2.0 is none other than float tube guru Kirkboat, and with that guy's OCD about getting things perfect, you gotta know this rack is fantastic. And to prove it, I've already made the switch!! A big thanks to Kirk for putting the time and thought into this. You guys are going to love it. Keep posted!!!!

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    Looking forward to that. I've seen that rod rack up close and personal. I love my current set up but def like the slick design of the 2.0 design. Would def be looking forward to seeing how it's done looking to out fit the tube that has more rod holders but more compact and with a quicker set up.

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    any sneak peaks of pictures at least of the 2.0 version?

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    If it's the one i'm thinking about where it's a single tube with holes I think there was some pics posted a while back.

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