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Thread: Long beach Breakwall

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    Default Long beach Breakwall

    What kinds of fish are there on the inside of the wall? I may make a trip there in mid march. Also, can I fish all along the jetties of the wall? Another question what kind of tackle should be appropriate for all of the gamefish there? I'm game for anything as long as I can get into some action. Thanks!


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    inside the breakwall your lookin at smaller models of calico,sandies,sargo,diffrent perch.out side the wall your lookin at bigger models of the same fish.i usely go with 8-12lb test i dont like to use heavy line.i like to fly line some ghosties,last time i was out there i was d/s 4in gulp shad.but the best is ghost shrimp.and you'll definitely get action.i had approx 15 fish,nicer size cabezon,sculpin,some perch,and threw back about 15 fish.good luck .

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    Keep in mind it is illegal to fish the inside the center breakwall ( The Federal Breakwall ) Cabrillo wall and LB wall is ok on the inside.

    The outside is about 55' deep at the sand were the rocks meet at the middle wall.

    Drifting the outside is my favorite. The wind will push from Pedro to LB and keep you off the jetty.

    I've fished 2 hours with the motor off and drifted 2 miles all about 50' from the rocks.
    Some people freek out and think it is too close to the rocks and scarey.
    This best done with a little to no swell and a breeze up to 10 mph 15 max.
    Halibut hang out where the sand meets the rocks.
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    Default The Wall

    Man i fish a lot closer to the wall than that...ha. Light line has always been a good bet. i Usually fish 8 or 10#...reason is i throw baits literally on the wall, and losing darter heads is just part of it. But i'll drift like only 15-20 feet from the wall and throw various colored jerk shads as close to the rocks as i can. get more bites that way. If your doing that you'll hook alot of calicos and a few sandies. if you use the same technique but push off the rocks farther you get bothered like lots of macks and smelt. On most of the LB wall theres a good drop about 15 feet off the wall, and thats where alot of hookups happen. Once again mainly on the jerk shads with 1/4 or 3/8 oz darter heads.

    In the evening i'll push a little farther off and throw squid in like 40 feet of water. always look for rocks and ledges on the bottom. I've gotten toad sandies, toad calico's, then a mixed bag of rockfish. last wednesday even caught a short ling (released). Good luck!

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